Woman Claiming To Be Former NASA Employee Says She Saw Humans Walking On Mars In 1979


A woman named “Jackie,” who claims to be a former NASA employee, called Coast to Coast AM in the U.S. She claimed she had seen evidence of two human figures walking towards the Viking lander on Mars in 1979.

The “former NASA employee” asked the radio show presenter to solve a 27-year-old mystery for her. She claimed she had worked for NASA and that her job was to handle the downlink telemetry from the lander. The Viking lander was the first vehicle to send back pictures of the surface of the Red Planet.


A color mosaic taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover Mast Camera (mastcam) shows strata exposed along the margins of the valleys in the “Pahrump Hills” region on Mars in this undated handout photo courtesy of NASA. After 18 months of driving, scientists on September 11, 2014, announced that Curiosity had arrived at the base of Mount Sharp ahead of schedule, thanks to a somewhat serendipitous decision to take an alternative path that would be gentler on the rover’s damaged wheels. Within two weeks, Curiosity will reach an outcrop of rock called Pahrump Hills, where the first drill samples of Mount Sharp real estate will be made.


She said that while she was working, she saw two people walking across the Martian surface. She continued that she and six colleagues were watching the footage of the Viking rover moving around on multiple screens when she noticed two men in spacesuits walking to the Viking Explorer from the horizon. She added the men’s suits looked protective but unlike what astronauts wore.

The “former NASA employee” said she and her colleagues were maintaining the equipment when suddenly the video feed got cut off. She went on to say that when they ran upstairs, they found the door was locked and paper was taped over the door so nothing could be seen. She posed a question to the radio presenter asking whether or not the two men she saw were guys from NASA. The agency has yet to comment on the claim.

Blogs that report on UFO and conspiracy theories have backed the “former NASA employee.” They claimed humans had been on Mars to polish off the lander’s solar panels. Metro.co.uk wrote that this seemed off because if the humans were there, they could have filled petrol into the lander or take photos themselves. A few other conspiracy theorists claimed that in the sixties, there were secret landings on Mars. They further claimed that the Apollo landings were a cover-up for wider exploration of the solar system.

An audio recording, titled “NASA Worker Sees Men Walking Over To Viking Lander On Mars”, was posted on YouTube by YouTube channel Starman Chronicles. The video has managed to get more than 11,000 views and about 16 comments as of this writing. Listen to the audio recording below:



Its not the prices of goods rising, but the circulation amount of fiat money


Our Inflated Thanksgiving

INTERACTIVE GRAPH: What does the Federal Reserve have to do with your Thanksgiving dinner?


line chart

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For the past 29 years, the American Farm Bureau Federation has conducted an informal survey of the price of a classic Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people. At first glance, it looks like the price of food has been steadily rising. But when you adjust the numbers for inflation, you get a different story. It isn’t the cost of our food that has been rising, but the amount of US currency in circulation.

This year, we’re thankful for technologies like bitcoin breaking the Federal Reserve’s grip on money.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The individual prices of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year:


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Earth is on a Positive Timeline

Creating a Positive Future: Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space Hologram


By Alfred Lambremont Webre*

  • “It’s time science, not rocket science that Earth is on a positive timeline.”
  • Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness


Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness

A key discovery promulgated in this paper is that (1) a critical mass of humanity is (2) co-creating a positive future, through conscious acknowledgement that (3) we are synergistically traveling along a positive timeline (4) in Unity consciousness.

The Positive Future equation has supplanted and overcome an outdated Matrix Elite formula that is no longer effective:

Problem + Reaction = Solution

Positive Future equation

The Positive Future equation is:

Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness

The Positive Future equation suggests that in the synergy between the Positive Timeline and Unity consciousness, a critical mass of humanity is collectively and individually activated for some or more of these suggested actions and policies for a positive future, and synchronistically resources and actors are brought together in multi-dimensional universe processes to manifest a desirable result.

Positive Paradox

The “Progress Paradox” or “Positive Paradox” of our current era is that, although our Earth dimension is on a positive time line, Earth’s current bloodline Elites, Negative dimensional entities, Matrix institutions (Governmental forms, Religions; Central Banks), and War & Addiction industries are acting out operational plans that seem based on a false negative timeline, or an actual catastrophic timeline that is occurring in some other dimensional timeline than the positive timeline Earth is demonstrably on.

Although humanity has every objective reason to be optimistic about the future, large segments of humanity still reflect this Matric power focus on a false catastrophic timeline.

According to an April 14, 2014 Ipsos survey, In the West, 42% vs. 34% people feel pessimistic about the future, despite the objective scientific reality that humanity is on a positive timeline. China, India, Brazil, Turkey and Russia are more optimistic than pessimistic for their young – but all other countries are more likely to think things will be worse rather than better.[1]

Yet time science demonstrates that our Earth civilization is traveling on a positive timeline within our time space hologram. And time cosmology analysis demonstrates that Unity consciousness (“We are One”) is the dominant universal consciousness frequency broadcast, as of December 21, 2012, through the singularity – interdimensional portal – at the core of the specific Universe in which we are based.

Catastrophic duality consciousness (“I win, You Lose”) fostered by these Matrix Elites, Negative dimensional entities, and Matrix institutions can no longer can control and thrive on our current positive timeline, as a matter of density and dimensional frequency and time science. Duality consciousness is “Service to Self” and cannot survive in our new Universe consciousness density frequencies.

It is now “time” for the positive timeline to be acknowledged as a scientific reality, and for our individual and collective to transform consciously as a critical mass of ethical humans awaken to the reality of the positive timeline.

Positive timeline in synergy with Unity Consciousness

If you resonate with the positive timeline in synergy with Unity consciousness, you are encouraged to share these insights with others privately and publicly, your family, friends, networks.

Together we can build that critical mass of awakened humanity that acknowledges and collective shifts to being in a reality of a positive timeline Unity consciousness (“We are One”) as the new norm.

All you have to do and all we have to do is change our minds, and the positive timeline follows, as a matter of science.

Time Space Hologram & Time Lines

One of the early key discoveries of time science is that our own universe of time, space, energy and matter contains, and is composed of time-space holograms, and may be considered itself a time-space hologram, created by a higher intelligence and composed of parallel time lines.

“Our universe includes a time-space hologram, within which our Earth human civilization exists, that is an artificial environment created by a higher intelligence. The higher intelligence that created and maintains our universe, including the time-space hologram that we inhabit, is the spiritual dimension that itself is composed of God/ Source, the intelligent civilizations of souls that incarnate in the time-space hologram, and the intelligent civilization of spiritual beings. In “Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram: A ten-dimensional theory of gravity makes the same predictions as standard quantum physics in fewer dimensions,” Ron Cowen writes, ‘At a black hole, Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity apparently clashes with quantum physics, but that conflict could be solved if the Universe were a holographic projection.’

“The time-space hologram we inhabit as Earthling humans is composed of multiple timelines. Time travel and teleportation are methods by which intelligent civilizations navigate the dimensional ecology of both the Exopolitical dimensions (the multiverse) and the spiritual dimensions of the Omniverse. Teleportation consists of point-to-point movement across a single timeline. Time travel consists of movement across more than one timeline.”[2]

Timelines = Parallel lanes in a multi-lane highway

Humanity is based inside a virtual reality composed of multiple, parallel timelines.[3]  In simple 3D-3rd density terms, one can visualize timelines in a time-space hologram as parallel lanes of a multi-lane highway.

As a collective consciousness, humanity can find itself on a changed  timeline from a more catastrophic lane (global coastal flooding event) to a more positive lane (landing a Utopia on Earth). Catastrophic timelines (lanes in the highway) that may have been foreseen through technological time travel (chronovision), scientific remote viewing, or psychic remote viewing can fail to materialize as humanity finds itself on a positive timeline.

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Watch video Alfred Webre expound the Positive Timeline



China Plotting Pearl Harbor-Like Surprise Attack on America—Cyber-Hijack Drone Attack Trending

Originally posted on Truther.org:


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David Chase Taylor
November 26, 2014

SWITZERLAND, Basel — As originally depicted in the June 30, 2014, Truther.org report entitled “China Plans to Cyber-Hijack U.S. Drones for Attack on America”, the CIA (which is in command and control of all 206 counties) is plotting a surprise drone attack on the U.S., most likely using American drones allegedly hijacked by the Chinese government.

In what appears to be a warning of a Chinese attack, Fox New published a report on November 26, 2014, entitled “US Lacks Strategy to Counter Unconventional Warfare Threats from States and Terrorists. The timely report by the Army Special Operations Command stated that China is waging unconventional warfare around the world, and the U.S. currently lacks a clear strategy to counter the threat.

In other words, the U.S. is vulnerable to an unconventional Chinese attack, something a drone…

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Singapore in identity crisis

Singaporeans seem to have no idea who or what they are, where they belong or where they want to go. One very prominent trait they have developed is ‘kiasu-ism‘ (fear of losing). Generally they’ve succumbed to intolerance and arrogantly. This is the result of living in a city state and living in high rise apartments, which throw them into rat-race-minded mentality where survival isn’t enough but to excel above everyone else. To their Malaysian neighbor across the very narrow straits of Johor, they seem to suffer from some sort of superiority complex. The children born in the 70’s/80’s labelled as the McDonald’s kids are now grown ups and are facing an identity crisis…eventually leading into a identity foreclosure

(FT) Piyush Gupta, chief executive of DBS, Singapore’s biggest bank by assets, says: “Singapore, in a way, is still going through a crisis of identity. Does it really seek to embrace being a global city or not?” He adds: “For London and New York, the answer has been unequivocal over the past several decades. In Singapore’s case the jury is out because being a global city comes with attendant pluses and minuses. If you chose not to want to be a global city, that brings into question the economic and growth model that you seek to aspire to.”

Lee Kuan Yew addresses crowds in 1964. His policies helped bring wealth to Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew addresses crowds in 1964. His policies helped bring wealth to Singapore

Aside from rising living costs and a widening income gap, many Singaporeans feel that they are losing touch with a concept of national identity nurtured by the ruling People’s Action party (PAP).

Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh, a local writer, says the combination of globalisation, low birth rates and high immigration has “essentially overturned the very essence of a Singaporean identity that our forefathers tried to build”.

…the price Singapore will inevitably pay for expanding financial services is that “you have more bankers, you have more McLarens on the road – and then you have the social angle”, says one
senior banker. Early this year, British wealth manager Anton Casey apologised in the face of public anger when he posted on Facebook of his relief at being able to “wash the stench of public transport” off him, having collected his Porsche from the car repair shop.

…“Because, if you’ve been so successful for so long, like any company you want to stick with your tried and tested formulas and then suddenly you have to change after 50 years of success. It’s not easy.”

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hero mariah carey



There’s a hero
If you look inside your heart
You don’t have to be afraid
Of what you are
There’s an answer
If you reach into your soul
And the sorrow that you know
Will melt away


And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you’ll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you


It’s a long road
When you face the world alone
No one reaches out a hand
For you to hold
You can find love
If you search within yourself
And the emptiness you felt
Will disappear


Lord knows
Dreams are hard to follow
But don’t let anyone
Tear them away
Hold on
There will be tomorrow
In time
You’ll find the way