Our Countries are Corporations

South Africa: Michael Tellinger: Our Countries are Corporations

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From: Michael Tellinger
Sent: 31 January 2013 02:07 AM
To: Lynton
Subject: Our Coutries Are Corporations
Our countries are registered as corporations. What does that make us – Trading stock?
Dear Lynton
Part of discovering our human origins is discovering some sobering and shocking information that we do net expect. It is up to us to be strong in our conviction to get as close to the truth as possible. The path that brought us here as a species is not only filled with lies and deception of unimaginable proportion, but also with continuous manipulation of the human race that goes back thousands of years. When I started researching human origins some 30 years ago, I never imagined that it would bring me to this juncture, where the sum of our knowledge crosses over and paints a new picture of our turbulent past, and present.
corp4The legal system we embrace today is a product of this manipulation and has evolved over thousands of years of careful structuring by those who make the rules, for the benefit of those who make the rules. It has nothing to do with justice for the people – but everything to do with keeping the people under control. The email below was written to the South Africa government on the 18th January 2013 asking for clarification on the registration of our country as a corporation. The questions will make the ramifications of this self explanatory and will make us realise how we have been conned by those we thought were our elected leaders, who have sworn to serve us, and to do the best they can for the people of the country.
What the leaders do when they are sworn in, is to swear to do the best they can for the CORPORATION called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.
I also include two YouTube links:
1) The opening speech in my first court appearance against the banks in SA. Click HERE
2) The UBUNTU presentation from the first public meeting in Durban SA on 3 Nov 2012. Click HERE
Open letter and enquiry from the UBUNTU Party         DATE: 18 Jan 2013
TO:  Sibusiso Xaba, the Director General of Arts & Culture – Republic Of South Africa
10th Floor, Kingsley Centre, 481Stanza Bopape
Cnr Steve Biko & Pretorius Streets Arcadia – Tel: 012 441 3027
RE: The registration of the corporation called “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA”.
Dear Mr Xaba.
In our effort to bring absolute freedom and liberty to all the people of South Africa, especially on the economic front, it has come to our attention that our country “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” is registered as a corporation on the US Securities Exchange, among other well recognised corporations like Anglo American, Old Mutual, ABSA and Standard Bank. Please click on the following link to verify this: http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=south+africa&match=contains&action=getcompany
We need urgent information and answers to the following questions to be able to accurately advise the people of South African about their rights and their relationship to this corporation.
We require to view or to obtain a certified copy of the original registration document, founding statement and title deed of this corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.
Who authorised that the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA was to be registered as such and why?
Who is the CEO of this corporation.
Who is the accounting officer and what financial statement does it produce?
What are the assets of this corporation?
Are these assets traded by this corporation – if so, how and where, and who is accountable for trading these assets?
Who are the shareholders of the corporation and how are they appointed?
What is the relationship of the people of South Africa to this corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.
Is there any agreement between the people and/or citizens of South Africa and the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA? If so, where are those agreements and when were they entered into?
Do the people of South Africa have any obligations to this corporation, and if so do they have the right to renounce such obligation?
Since our BILL OF RIGHTS and our constitution, as well as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights strictly forbids any form of slavery or forced servitude, what rights do the people who live in the land referred to as South Africa have, to cut all their ties and any responsibility to this corporation that they did not even know existed?
What is the relationship between this corporation called THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and the GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA?
We require your urgent attention and response to this within 7 (seven) days, as this matter has severe implications to the liberties and economic freedoms of all the people who live in this land, called South Africa.
In pure truth
Michael of the family Tellinger
Founder of the UBUNTU Party

Its Time To Let Go

It’s Time To Let Go…

30th January 2013

By Susan Harper Todd

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“We are shedding our skins

Emerging from the chrysalis

Drying our wings

And preparing to fly…”

A New Dawn is upon us… A New Way of Being… It is time …It is time to let go of all that is not real… It is time for us to stop being who we are not…It is time, now, for us just to be us! It is time to stop pretending to be something else and someone else to please other people or to fit in. It’s time to realise that there is no ‘one’ way to live our lives. To realise that there is no ‘right’ way to do anything…only our way. We do not have to meditate in a certain way, or even meditate at all…if it doesn’t feel right for us. We don’t have to ‘be’ spiritual in a certain way. We don’t have to ‘be spiritual’, because we already are. Just being us is the perfect thing to be – without trying!

We don’t have to be or do anything at all that we don’t want to do or if it doesn’t feel right for us. It’s time to understand that the right things for us are those things that feel right – those things that make us laugh, make us smile, bring us joy, make us feel wonderful! Those things we feel passionate about, that we really want to do. Those things that we LOVE . For this is truly who we really are – we are all of those things. And when we are doing and being these things we are honouring who we are. It’s time to let go of feeling guilty about enjoying ourselves and doing what we love because doing things we love is an expression of our real selves.

It’s time to stop listening to others and to start listening to us. It’s time to pay attention to what feels right for us in every area of our life. Because we are the only experts on us. No one else is. We are unique. One size does not fit all. There are no rules we should follow in order for us to be ‘us’, except ones we make for ourselves – because they feel right.

It’s time to start listening to our bodies, because only our own body can tell us what it needs to ‘feed’ it and to keep it healthy. We know whenever we eat or drink something whether it is good for us or not, by how it makes us feel. No one else can tell us this for they don’t know how our body feels. When someone tells us that a particular food or drink is good, or not, for us…that maybe true for them, but it certainly is not necessarily true for us. It’s time to let go of the thought that other people know what is best for us and to start asking ‘our selves’, our intuition, what is best for us. We do know…

Its time to start paying attention to how we feel about things instead of what we think about them. It’s time to stop listening to our mind and to stop taking notice of what the media tells us…because what the media is saying is not necessarily true for us. We can tell that by how it makes us feel. Does it make you feel fearful? If it does then it is not true for you! However if you keep focusing on it then it may well become true for you. Instead take your power back and focus instead on something better, more wonderful, something that feels good … Remember, the media’s job is to keep us in fear, because then we are more malleable , easier to control… They want us to keep listening to them, because the minute we stop doing that and start paying attention to ourselves instead, then we are in charge, not them…

Its time for us to stand up and be who we really are. It’s time to stop saying yes when we mean no . It’s time to put ourselves first and do those things that make us feel good, because when we do that, we feel so good that we want to do loving things for everyone around us. When we feel good the world feels good.

It’s time for us to step out of the old patterns that we have inherited from our ancestors. And we know what those are. They are patterns that have kept us small, unseen and unheard. They have made us feel unworthy and unimportant. They have made us feel that everyone matters but us and that it is our job to make everyone else feel that they matter… But that is not who we really are. And deep inside we know that. We really know that.

Stand Up… Stand Tall… Look in the mirror… It’s time…. You can do this… You are not alone… Because it’s our time…it’s already  happening.

Its time to throw away the rule books  that tell us how we should live our lives. All we need to do is to just be ‘us’. If we can just pay attention to how we are feeling in every moment, then we will start to know and understand that if we’re not feeling good, then that is our intuition, the greater part of who we are, giving us a message that we’re not doing the right thing for us in that moment…or maybe we’re not behaving in the best way we can… If we can just pay attention to that and know that when we are feeling good we are being who we really are, the person we are born to be… then we’re doing what we’re here to do… To live our BEST life, to be the best we can be.

And by being us, by living in integrity as best we can, listening to our bodies and to how we feel, living intuitively as best we can, then we will walk towards everything we want in our lives.  It really is that simple.

It’s time to stop listening to other people and to listen to ourselves. We are the only ones that know what is best for ‘us’. No amount of books we read can tell us that. They can point us in the right direction, but we need to filter what they say through our own lens. The information in the books was true for the person who wrote it, but it doesn’t mean it’s true for you.

Its time to understand that the only things that are true for you are what feel true… You are the expert on you… Sure you’re not perfect and of course you will make mistakes finding out what IS true for you… but it’s only by trial and error, by making mistakes that you will find that out… If you stick to someone else’s rules then you will never find out who you really are… you’ll only know who you aren’t… and you won’t even know that, you’ll just ‘not feel right’ and you’ll still have that nagging feeling that there must be more to life than this.

It’s time to be brave…to climb out of the box… to do things differently…to throw away the rule books…to get to know YOU. You are perfect, amazing, wonderful, funny, brilliant… you may not know it…because it’s so long since you ever saw this version of you… But believe me you are all those things… I know it, because we all are… Remember how you were when you were a child? You knew you were all these things… It’s time to rediscover, to remember that version of you… no, to create an even better version of you… And now is the time to start….

       ”It’s time to be you like you’ve never been before

         It’s time to be you like only you can be

         To acknowledge your strength

         Your knowingness, your intuition

         It’s time to be YOU

         And that time is NOW!”

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I really appreciate your support and the fact that we’re all on the same page – in every sense of the word. Thank you!

Love Sue

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About the Author

I’ve been single, married, divorced and widowed. I’ve been a teacher, a translator, worked in business and now have my own company… I’ve sailed the Atlantic Ocean and I have climbed Mount Everest. I know! It sounds crazy but it’s true. I said I’d done it and I have, pretty much literally DONE it! I’ve plumbed the depths and scaled the heights in every sense of those words.

And I absolutely know that it was listening to, trusting and following my intuition that got me to where I am today. It got me out of the dark tunnel I was in after my husband died, and not only led me to the summit of Mount Everest, but to many other magical experiences too, like sailing the Atlantic Ocean in a small boat. I was the first British woman to have accomplished both of those things, and only the fifth British woman to stand on the summit of the highest mountain on the planet.

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“And the Rest will Take Care of Itself”

Monday, 28 January 2013

Removing The Shackles

“And the Rest will Take Care of Itself”

Judge Dale sent this to me last night.  I love when the “data” presents itself.  I love when minds come together to focus on the topic at hand.

The topic of “money” is one that is on everyone’s mind, to the point that people have become hyper-focused on it. Don’t get me wrong, I too am struggling financially and have my moments where thoughts of paying rent becomes my driving focus.  And yet…. I know that the money isn’t the real issue.  IT has become the issue because we’ve been told over and over by every controller we’ve ever had that IT is the issue.  We’ve been brainwashed by the government, religion, media, Hollywood, organized sports, music industry, educational institutions, medical associations, the fashionistas, car manufacturers, beer companies, the toy industry, and every other entity trying to get your constant attention that “MONEY MEANS EVERYTHING!!”

…. and what do they all have in common?  Oh right!  They want your money!

The best way to enslave a person is to convince them to put the shackles on all by themselves.

Hold up some pieces of paper and tell the people they NEED this piece of flattened wood pulp with ink on it, and convince them that it has a value that is vital to their existence and tell them that the only way they can GET this piece of paper is to enslave themselves to the system.  So in reality, “Money” is just a figment of your imagination.  It is only real because those who control it are telling you that it’s real, that it’s value is directly related to your happiness and well being.

So we return to the question and thoughts that I posted last week.  What would you create if you had what you need?


By: Judge Dale
The love of money is the root of all evil,” (1 Timothy 6:10). I am not a religious man; a fanatic or philosopher by any stretch of the imagination and yet I admire how prophetic and profound this phrase has proven to be, as evidenced by mans excessive love for money; possessions and the political and moral history of human civilization.
Ironically, the only thing that money cannot buy is poverty, but then who wants poverty? You can’t give it away and yet excessive wealth is responsible for all of it and much more. It’s almost paradoxical!
Essentials such as food; clothing; shelter and transportation all have an inherent worth and dollar value assigned to them and who will provide and supply any of these commodities for free? Sounds totally heartless but perfectly logical and yet my Galactic contact inquired: “Why do you need money?”
Another paradox because my friend certainly wouldn’t be asking that question of me if the Galactics used money, but if they don’t, what fuels their initiative and commerce?
I thought I would be clever and responded to his question with a question: So, why don’t you need money? Instead of a definitive response, the answer I received was: “You are immortal and know the answer to that question!” Don’t you just hate when that happens; isn’t it enough that I can hear voices?
I learned from our previous discussions with my Galactic friend, that all human beings possess the God spark, which was defined as intelligent energy; the energy of creation; the energy to create; the root of immortality and that only the physical organic body I incarnated into, is limited by time and fate.
Rather than appear imbecilic, I deduced that all I need to do is to concentrate on the question, “Why do you need money?” and perhaps the answer will convalesce.
Courtesy of the bourgeois class [royal and elite] money has always been apart of our indoctrination and three dimensional belief system, as an essential element to sustain life. And excessive wealth is historically rewarded with great privilege; status; leisure and opulence. Just how much status can one human tolerate?
As evidenced by the bourgeois families of the world, excessive wealth, status; leisure and opulence eventually leads to great boredom and excessive boredom leads to sociopathic behavior [i.e.] “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop” and “Dog eats dog, analogies come to mind!”
Mans two most valuable assets is his mental acuity and his labor, which is taken for granted by the least acuitious of man, the bourgeois, who in turn establish their own personal value and worth for our assets, and the reason we permit this to happen is because, they control the money!
We regard the bourgeois class as inherently intelligent because of their excessive wealth but history as proven that, wealth and intelligence are not synonymous!
So let’s suppose that all the wealth of the world has finally been foreclosed on and confiscated in the name of humanity and half was divided proportionately, to the tune of one billion dollars per person and the other half placed in trust for future generations!
Now we all have instantly attained this bourgeois status of excessive wealth; privilege; leisure and opulence however a new problem now exists! The problem is that we cannot enjoy our new found status because there no longer exists any initiative by others to provide the service and labor that embellishes our new found position and so we all end up back at square one, serving ourselves and or serving others out of love; kindness and the pride of accomplishment!
Is that why my Galactic friend asked: “Why do you need money?” Was he actually inquiring about why we required some physical commodity to motivate our most basic instincts and talents?
Apparently, this bourgeois status thing has all been just an illusion -or- a cruel practical joke played on us all along! And apparently the only solution to break us free from this indoctrination and belief system is to make everyone an instant billionaire and the rest will take care of itself! 
The Great American Adventure pdf documents, by Judge Dale (PDF by Kauilapele)

Poofness – They who have the gold, rule?

Greetings and Salutations:

poof the money dragon Poofness Update for January 27, 2013

The gears on the world change over are engaging. You will hear with your own ears, very shortly. There was a ‘come-to-Jesus’ meeting at the White House a couple of weeks ago that laid down the gauntlet on US politicians. Nothing like being told, ‘we are about to move ahead and cast the US adrift to fend for itself’. In other words, the world needs it’s stuff and weren’t putting up with the US egos holding everything up. Every damn doc has been signed and left no reason to hold back from flipping this world on it’s head. Some have set themselves up to be sent to undisclosed locations, oh well, not like they weren’t warned. If you’re looking for the sense of that, just remember, some folks don’t believe fat meat’s greasy. Which means ‘reason’ is beyond their capacity, like a mule with blinders, side vision is not real strong with them, need a club to get their attention.There is no military might that can stop an idea whose time has come. So mister Cheney can forget the military industrial complex stopping the people of the dragons from exercising their power for using their jewels to make a balanced world. Aren’t the words, ‘they who have the gold, rule?’. If you had no intent to pay back what you borrowed, should’ve never borrowed from them. They never were stupid about money and ‘worth’…but left-brain logic, doesn’t work completely, with people who use their right brains for more than drawing pictures. Actually the folks in the Himalayas teach a technique to assist in the process of merging the right and left hemispheres of the brain and, their functions; making it possible for a human to be single-brained. Draw back…’normal’ people may think you’re weird because you can walk and chew gum at the same time. lololol…and pat your belly.

As I said wait your turn, there have been alterations, thru the years for one reason or another. Who cares; the world is changing anyway and with the freedom being given to the former ‘serfs’, the panoramic view will shift very quickly. You know what needs fixing out here…set about when you’re given the chance, your back is being watched. The matrix serves more than getting bankers in pocket! So, off you go, and make a difference. No more Freddy Flintstone—time for the Jetsons’. Play nice and leave the grumble monkeys behind, smile at them when they say…it’s all BS…dust your feet off and walk on. We are Not going to hell in a hand basket, after all.

Consultations available until the knock on the door.

Love and Kisses,




When the OPPT Shoe Dropped: Evidence That The Black-Screen, Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real

UPDATED 1/23/13: When the OPPT Shoe Dropped: Evidence That The Black-Screen, Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real

A rather ironic slogan of the World Bank

Updated: 1/23/13 Added a new 369 Global Immunity card image, you can find it below the video. -AK

When the OPPT shoe dropped: Evidence that the black-screen, off-ledger global accounts are real

January 22, 2013
Posted by Paula

Hi all,

Let me take you through two items that appeared in my email inbox over the course of the past week. Both of these items, one video and one .pdf file, are publicly available online. Check it out for yourself.

It’s just amazing what hides in plain sight. It’s also amazing to see what happens when we use our mind’s eye.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

On behalf of us, the One People, OPPT has foreclosed on all of the global ‘trust’ accounts. These accounts properly belong to all of us in trust, simply because we’re all citizens of this planet, equally. Each global trust account (and these go by many and various names) represents vast sums of money, all of it backed by gold, silver, and treasure.

That’s a pretty chewy statement but let’s go with it, just as a thought experiment.

OPPT proposes that Ten Billion Dollars ($10,000,000,000) USD is held in trust for each individual on this planet. Well then! What kind of evidence exists that I might use to verify for myself that this story isn’t completely nutbar? Let’s return to the above-mentioned pair of items, which turn out to be very helpful in this regard.

The video, titled ‘Joint Release 3-36.3’, was produced at some point after Dec. 24th, 2012 by UN-SWISSINDO TELEVISION NEWS: GLOBAL WORLD, which seems to be the PR vehicle for announcements from the Soekarno Trust. So in this moment of NOW I’m transcribing the first  part of an hour-long video announcing disbursements from the Trust. The payments, one after the other, are literally astronomical (see partial transcript below). There seems little question that this money is in fact available and is being sent out to its named recipients.

[Notice how he speaks of continents as “Kingdoms”  also an amazing World Bank document below the fold on the Final 2012 Audio on “infinite bank statements” -AK]

Here’s my partial and slightly challenged transcript of the first 15 mins. of the video, which is all I was able to handle in one go. If someone would like to improve on it, that would be swell:

Joint Release 3-36.3


Good day.

I am Director of Joint Communications [unclear]. This is Publication 3-36, authorized release unlimited. ID 452106/66/2012, Trustee, Processee, Dynasty… Swissindo Agreement Joint Release 3-36, Joint Doctrine for Multinational Operations, ID 452106/66/2012.

For keeping information on Transactions and Treaties, International Agreements.

Treaty Event: UN Swissindo Multinational, Special Extra, Thirty Trillion US Dollars, Federal Reserve Bank, to pay to Deposit Control Settlement Investment Deposit, Freedom Forever 111, in official name, ownership [unclear], authority mandate, Personal International Trustee, plus Trustee Dynasty RMSPTD, Beneficial name, Global Development

1. Payment 1: To Committee of Treaty of UN Swissindo Multinational.
Amount: Ninety-Seven Billion ($97,000,000,000) USD.
Date: November 20, 2012.

2. Payment 1: U.N. date 24 [unclear] in the House of Representatives HR 1249, Internal Protocol Number 301 of the Great President of the Kingdom of the United Nations Organization
Amount: Five Hundred Million ($500,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012.

3. Payment 1: Independent Consultant and Contractor Exhibit AB
Amount: Nine Billion and Seven Hundred Million ($9,700,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012

4. Payment 1: For [unclear], Public Property
Amount: Ninety-Seven Billion ($97,000,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012.

5. Payment 1: For UMD UN Swissindo, Treaty Event of Paris
Amount: Ninety-Seven Billion ($97,000,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012.

6. Payment 1: Official Extra to U.N. Members of 193 Nations
Amount: Five Hundred Billion ($500,000,000,000) USD
Total: Forty-Six Trillion and Five Hundred Billion ($46,500,000,000,000) USD
Date: November 20, 2012.

7. Payment 1: U.N. Swissindo Multinational
Date: December 24, 2012

Number 1: N.A.T.O.: One Hundred and Fifty Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion ($158,990,000,000,000) USD

Number 2: S.A.T.O.[?]: One Hundred and Thirty Trillion and Nine Hundred Ninety Billion ($130,990,000,000,000) USD

Number 3: NON-BLOC: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred Ninety Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD

8. Payment 1: Neo Mercusuar Dunia
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012

9. Payment 1: Contract Project
1. Master Key Plan; Date: December 24, 2012
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD

1. Master Plan; Date: December 24, 2012
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion ($138,990,000,000,000) USD

10. Payment 1: Global Immunity, The World [unclear] Date: December 24, 2012
Big Top: One Hundred Twenty Person World [unclear] Most Powerful Families
Amount: Ten Billion in [unclear] Currency
Amount: Two Trillion and Two Hundred Fifteen Billion ($2,215,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012

11. Payment 1: [unclear]; Date: December 24, 2012
Number 1: UN Members of 190 Nations
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and One Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,119,000,000) USD

Number 2: Top Three Hundred Organizations IPO
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,919,000,000,000) USD
Total: Four Hundred and Sixteen Trillion and Nine Hundred and Seventy Billion ($416,970,000,000) USD

Number 3: World and Indonesia [unclear]
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion USD
Total: Three Quadrillion…

[This is really funny! At the 7:30 point in the video, the number is so big that the Communications Director, who now has terrible cotton mouth from reciting non-stop, can’t get his tongue around saying it successfully.]

Total: Three Quadrillion and Six Hundred and Thirty Trillion and Seven Hundred and Forty Billion ($3,630,740,000,000,000) USD
3.1. [unclear] Foundation
3.2. [unclear] Foundation
3.3. U.N. Foundation
3.4. [unclear] Republic Indonesia
3.5. USO USA
3.6. MUN [?]
3.7. OMD
3.8. [unclear]
3.9. [unclear] Indonesia
3.10. Billion Big Bang [unclear] A1 1A
3.11. UBS AG
3.12: Bank of America
3.13: Wells Fargo
3.14: Citibank N.A.
3.15. Federal Reserve
3.16. World Bank
3.17. Bank of International Settlements or BIS
3.18. International Monetary Fund
3.19. All Central Banks for 193 and 115 Top World Prime Banks
3.20. International Chamber of Commerce or ICC
3.21 Financial [?] FITFGFI
3.22. Tantara [?] National International TNI [?]
3.23. United Nations Organization
3.24. [unclear] Hospital
3.25. Thirty-Three Provinces
3.26. 29 BUMN
3.27. [unclear] Global Government

Number 4: World Mining or [unclear]
Amount: One Hundred Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,919,000,000,000) USD; Date: December 24, 2012

Number 5: World [unclear]
Amount: One Hundred Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,919,000,000) USD; Date: December 24, 2012

Number 6: World Agricultural or Brittania
Amount: One Hundred Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,919,000,000) USD; Date: December 24, 2012

Number 7: Communication or [unclear] Land, Ocean, and Air
Amount: One Hundred Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,919,000,000) USD; Date: December 24, 2012
Total: Seventeen Billion and Three Hundred and Ninety-One Million and Three Hundred and Four Thousand and Three Hundred and Forty-Eight ($17,391,304,348) USD
Total: Three Quadrillion and Eight Hundred and Ninety-One Trillion and Seven Hundred and Twenty Million ($3,891,000,720,000,000) USD; Date: December 24, 2012

Number 10: Global Development Human Obligation of the Big Five Continents and Requirement Employer of the Consultant on site of the Big Five Continents AAAA2, Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Australia 

[who’s the consultant? -AK]

10.1. The Great Kingdom of the Continent of Asia
Amount: Twenty-Six Quadrillion and Two Hundred Trillion ($26,200,000,000,000) USD

Date: December 24, 2012
For and on behalf of Continent of Asia, Pilot Project; Date: December 24, 2012

Club 1: Indonesia, 33 Provinces
Amount: One Quadrillion and One Hundred and Sixty-One Trillion ($1,161,000,000,000) USD

Club 2: [unclear]
Six Trillion and Eight Hundred and Sixty-Two Billion ($6,862,000,000,000) USD

Singleton[?] of one or part country, Continent of Africa
Amount: Three Hundred and Thirty Trillion ($330,000,000,000) USD

10.2. The Great Kingdom of the Continent of Africa
Amount: Six Quadrillion, Seven Hundred and Twenty Trillion ($6,720,000,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012; Pilot Project for and on behalf of Africa, the Nation of Africa

10.3. The Great Kingdom of the Continent of Europe
Amount: Five Quadrillion and Nine Hundred and Twenty Trillion ($5,920,000,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012

Singletonl[?] of one or part country, Continent of Africa, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Amount: Thirty-Six Trillion ($36,000,000,000) USD
For and on behalf of Continent of Europe, Nation of Africa

10.4. The Great Kingdom of the Continent of America
Amount: Three Quadrillion and Four Hundred Trillion ($3,400,000,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012; Pilot Project for and on behalf of Continent of Africa,
Nation of Africa

10.5. The Great Kingdom of the Continent of Australia
Amount: One Hundred and Forty-Five Trillion ($145,000,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012; Pilot Project for and on behalf of Continent of Australia,
Nation of Australia

Number 11: Requirement, Consultant, and Contractor, Swissindo, JO[?], Representing the Big Five Continents
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion (138,919,000,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012

Number 12: OMB [unclear] USA Indonesia
Amount: One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Trillion and Nine Hundred and Nineteen Billion ($138,919,000,000,000) USD
Date: December 24, 2012

[Updated 1/23/13: Was sent this image to today, very curious indeed, grants an individual worldwide immunity from prosecution and again we see the continents as “kingdoms” theme… I guess they just forgot to tell the rest of us we really weren’t in democracies?  -AK]


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I also offer for your consideration the attached ‘Top Secret’ 2012 World Bank audit of its black-screen off-ledger accounts. Some impressive signatures are attached to the end of the document. As you’re reading through the audit doc, you might want to keep these three things in mind:
1.  it’s important to squint hard at the names of the accounts and the identities of the account holders; this info appears in the first several pages of the doc.
2.  the ‘infinity’ symbol looks like a sideways numeral 8. That symbol replaces dollar values in each of the accounts because they are in fact infinite (the accounts are grown and partially harvested when mature, in perpetuity).
3.  Really: check out those signatures at the end.
Source: AK

Obama – I’m Not Going To See This Again

One More Time…

As the president began to exit the Capitol stage area after giving his speech, he stopped, turned around and stared out at the crowd gathered on the National Mall. I want to see this “one more time” he appeared to say to his family, according to video of the moment. “I’m not going to see this again.” He smiled, lingering for several seconds.

What did he mean by “I’m not going to see this again.” ? We all know that this his second and last term in the Presidency, but he surely will attend the 58th Presidential Inauguration to hand-over and congratulate his ‘successor’, wouldn’t he?

My, my…does he knows something we don’t? Could the 57th Presidential Inauguration be the last for the American people?

Well…we’ll see 😉

OPPT in or OPPT out ???

Added Jan 28 2013:

BBC joint interview

“The president and I care deeply about what’s going to happen for our country in the future,” said Mrs Clinton.

And I don’t think, you know, either he or I can make predictions about what’s going to happen tomorrow or the next year.” – Hillary Clinton