Sheldan Nidle Acknowledged the Creation of the OPPT

More Information about Today’s OPPT Posts from Sheldan Nidle via AK…

Posted on 2013/03/24 by

oppt_logo_blue17This relates to earlier OPPT posts (Message from Heather to White Dragons…”, and “The Eternal Essence ‘I’ Notice”…”), and was posted by American Kabuki.


American Kabuki: The following information just came in which is relevant to what is going on at this NOW moment:

Just to pass on… Sheldan Nidle just acknowledged the Creation of the OPPT as an embodiment of the changeover in societal structure, as an expression of the New Galactic society. The steps taken [legalities and protocols], he explained, are ones that are required, PLUS the steps taken with ALL of us, collectively, in implementaing the ENERGETIC of KNOWING as CREATIONAL principles.

[1:45:58 PM] deva peters: He also made reference (implied) that this initiative has been birthed from the Ascended streams of consciousness here and NOW

[1:46:55 PM] deva peters: THIS is just a quick paraphrase. I just thought you might like to KNOW and to BE acknowledged in this Creation.

[1:47:33 PM] Jarrafusa: ♥



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