Clearing Energies Part 1, Understanding the Energies

The sphinx speaks clearing energies part 1, understanding the energies


sphinxThe clearing of energies is dependent upon understanding the basics of energies.

Energies are particles of source energy that have been programmed to act a certain way.

The physical body is in fact energy particles that are programmed certain ways to create the physical body. Just imagine the immense amount of programming to have all these particles work a certain way, work together in certain ways.

You entire universe and reality is a great amount of source energy programmed to work in a certain way.

Emotions are energy particles that are not always programmed, but energy particles that have reacted to how humans feel at any given moment.

Many think that higher vibrational energy particles represent the more positive feelings and lower vibrational energy particles represent the more negative feelings.

Yet, many who say they have raised their vibrational level to a higher level are still feeling every emotion, even though they deny it sometimes.

This is why emotions are hard to decipher as it is related to how a person feels, not how high the person is as far as vibrational level.

Emotions are created by the human on a human level, experiences are what create emotions. Resulting in the human in fact programming certain energies, defining certain energies into groups and giving these groups of energy a certain label, like love or anger.

Higher vibrational beings, beings that are not in the physical do this as well, they have experiences, as experiences are not only present within your human level.

These beings also act and react in certain ways, how else can they convey to you in their messages how much they love you, how happy they are to be talking to you.

They need an understanding or experience of these emotions.

Otherwise you could in fact say that if they do not know what these emotions are, they are in fact using these words but not feeling them.

This would mean that higher vibrational beings have knowledge and have experienced and are in many ways still experiencing all ranges of emotions as well.

This also means that even though you are in a higher vibration, and or not in a human body, every emotion is still felt.

Now at this moment we are only talking about your universe and the many diverse realities within your universe, and interactions within your universe, as other universes do have different realities and some did create realities where all these ranges of emotions you know of are not present.

Emotions are created through the reactive process of you as humans trying to decode certain experiences.

This can be explained in a simple way, if someone says you are stupid, you can react a certain way. You can either take it as a joke and laugh, or you can take it serious and get angry.

See, one experience can create different emotions.

You are creating these emotions and while you are creating them you assign certain properties to energy particles within your own energy bodies.

This has an effect on the physical body and energy bodies.

The physical body and energy bodies were created in balance, meaning, neutral energies, neither good or bad.

Experiences change this and unbalance the energy of the physical and energy bodies.

Now the common belief system is that if you stay within a state of love this will affect the physical and energy bodies in a positive way.

But in reality it still means unbalanced.

The part where every particle of energy is neutral is where the balance takes place and the physical and energy bodies work at their most optimal way.

This is what many of the mystery schools were focused on as they used many methods to keep the energy particles in balance/neutral.

So when we talk about every energy particle in neutral, imagine that all your energy particles are neutral, your physical body and energy bodies are neutral.

Also allowing for you to stay non-attached to the reality around you.

This is something that is very difficult though as each of you as humans have the emotional experiences still present, and the attachment to the human experience reality is not something that can be discarded.

This does not mean you cannot work on becoming neutral.

Becoming neutral is allowing yourself as human to be and feel, as this is why you came here, but also after each experience allowing yourself to come back to neutral, a balanced state.

When you are within a neutral state it becomes easier to follow the guidance, as the guidance from within is not influenced in any way, not influenced by any emotion.

You are acting from a neutral position, allowing yourself to follow the inner guidance from a neutral position, meaning that no matter what the guidance is you are able to understand the guidance, know the guidance without attachment to certain feelings, emotions, and belief systems.

Understanding all this is the first step to clearing energies that are not useful at this time.

We will speak about the next step in another message.

Yet, we would like to address some of the experiences that can be expected and are already experienced by some.

You will see many reacting or in fact overreacting at times to certain situations.

This is because the influence of their own energies returning is bringing in a greater amount of already programmed energies, in this way amplifying their reactions.

Many are already seeing some people acting like Jekyll and Hyde, going from one emotion to another so fast that it can be within a second or less than that.

You will see many acting in almost incomprehensible ways as they are not used to feeling or balancing certain emotions in a new way or state of being.

Many will feel the need to diffuse the energies, and in this way will take on some of what these people are clearing, we would like you to think twice as you will have enough to deal with when you are working on your own clearing.

Some of the symptoms are feeling depressed, not caring anymore, feeling very tired physically and sometimes even physical illness. We suggest you take care of yourself, make sure to have enough rest if needed and not keep on going.

Always consult with a doctor if you feel the need for this as sometimes it can become too much for the physical body and you need some assistance for the physical body at times.

Taking on great amount of energy affects the physical body and we will speak about this in our next message as well.

There are also the ones who will transfer their hate, anger and many other negative emotions to others, as they are not ready or not yet ready to understand their own emotions in a more comprehensive way.

This is resulting in not only physical attacks, but also spiritual attacks.

One of the symptoms of knowing you are under a spiritual attack is that your heart may start racing, you are suddenly feeling very tired, waves of emotions coming from an outside source.

You need to learn how to protect and how to defend against this as well, as you are moving into a more spiritual state, this will take place on many levels.

The way of the peaceful warrior is about staying in a neutral space allowing yourself to feel and understand every experience, every emotion, every action and moving back into a state of neutrality without programming the energies to act a certain way.

There is much to explain and talk about and we will.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis
April 17, 2013

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