Clearing Energies Part 2, Dual Energies


The sphinx speaks clearing energies part 2, dual energies

sphinxAs you experience reality as a human, you experience or in fact see everything, understand everything as dual energies.

Each particle of energy comes from the same source and at that point is no different than any other particle of energy. It changes the moment you assign a program to each particle of energy.

Yet, the experience of duality is experienced through the mind, the mental thought process of each being.

Explaining duality is something that is very difficult as your reality is based upon the fact that certain actions are to be considered as good actions, and other actions are to be considered as bad actions.

You all use this process of good and bad to give yourself guidelines in life.

And you are not the only ones; many beings out there are using the same guidelines.

Within every moment duality is being used by each person whether they recognize it or not.

Duality is understood and explained in many different ways, as duality is experienced on the physical level and on the spiritual level.

Duality at the basic level is two energies that are opposing each other.

You will experience this within many levels of your being no matter what level or how higher the level of your being.

Duality is used in most belief systems as each system uses the good and bad at the basic level, and expands from those points of good and bad to explain the belief system and actions that should be taken from within that belief system.

If we take for example unity or oneness, can someone explain why this is better than not being one, or not being in unity?

Can someone explain that not being one or not being in unity means that you cannot be compassionate, cannot be loving?

Can someone explain why it is better to act from the heart than the mind?

Why someone is considered to be more loving if they act from the heart instead of the mind.

These are all seemingly logical considerations, but only for the dual mind.

Duality is not only experienced within your outside reality, but also within your inside reality.

If you are one within, then there would be no need to say I act from the heart, or I act from the mind, you would be acting in oneness within your own being, so there would be no separation between the heart and the mind, they would not be seen as two different parts of you.

Each of your actions is decided based upon duality, as you use the good and bad reality duality.

There is in fact a lot of focus on the good or bad ways to act.

In this way duality is always present, even in the future.

What would a no dual world look like?

A world where every person acts in a compassionate and loving way?

This would still mean that the reality is based upon duality as you will within each given moment think about the fact if each person is acting enough in a loving or compassionate way. Could they be more loving or compassionate, or even are they too loving or compassionate.

As each soul continues to follow their own path, you will always see certain actions as good or bad from the human level, no matter at what level of the soul they are decided.

From within higher levels of your being this will change as you find that higher levels of your being are not as much affected by the dual moving energies.

Meaning that duality at the basic level is two different energies bumping against each other.

At higher levels of your being labels are not given to different types of energy.

Energies are only experienced as movements within or around you.

However within the human reality and many other realities that you and others have created, this not labeling of energies is not possible in many ways, as this reality and many others are based upon a learning process that requires certain labels in a way.

The labels are needed to give you understanding of how the energies work, how you can use the energies and how you can learn to at one point move beyond it back into your more real state of being one within.

But moving beyond it will require you to release attachments to labeling energies as good or bad, releasing attachments to labeling actions as good or bad, releasing attachments to labeling reactions to actions as good or bad.

As this is what allows you to move beyond the attachment to the earth duality experience and move back into the oneness within your own being.

Experiencing the oneness within, acting from the oneness within is the greatest challenge you have given yourself.

But it also requires to you to release the attachment to oneness within.

As oneness is just as much a label as not being one.

Now why does this apply to clearing energies?

You live within a duality reality where you have programmed certain energies to be negative and certain energies to be positive.

When you start clearing you will probably start with the negatively programmed energies, but in fact you will also have to clear the positively programmed energies to return back to a neutral state.

This is why it is important to understand dual energies and the effects of dual energies upon not only the world outside of you, but also the world inside of you.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis
April 18, 2013

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