The sphinx speaks what is a control system/energy system


The sphinx speaks what is a control system/energy system

sphinxControl systems are present in many ways. You in fact have your own control/energy system so to speak that you use to come down upon earth and have your experiences within a lower dimensional frequency.

To lower parts of yourself down into a lower frequency you need a control/energy system that allows you to control the experience and create certain experiences that you have chosen.

Some control/energy systems are placed by others, they can either interfere with your chosen path or support your chosen path.

We can call this control or energy systems, energies are being directed a certain way to perform a certain action, or to prevent a certain action.

As we speak about your own control/energy system, we also would like to speak about the fact that you have been shut off from a big part of this system for a long time. This is represented in a way through non remembrance of your spiritual reality.

Not all of this was done by you though, some if this was added by others.

Yes, you can see everyone as being one, but even within this oneness each being makes their own decisions. Free will wouldn’t be needed if there was only one being.

The first beings that came upon earth to experience physicality, they had a full conscious experience from the human level up all the way to their source level, of all that was experienced upon earth and in this way they could guide their experiences, create experiences and make choices to change or adjust their experiences upon earth.

Once more beings were having experiences upon earth, more interaction was taking place between beings. When more beings are together different opinions are present and creating and experiencing becomes influenced by others, you cannot avoid this.

Just imagine a large sea of water, each drop has the free will to move in any direction. Some will follow the flow, others will go against the flow, as some go against the flow, the flow changes.

Not to mention the fact that there are also other beings upon other planets with their own experiences and choices.

As time passed certain actions were taken by some that placed controls upon the experiences upon earth, to be clear, limitations were placed upon what could be experienced upon earth.

You are all energy beings, others were able to interfere with the control systems you had in place within your own energy.

When another groups placed a veil within a certain dimension, many were being cut off from their full conscious experience. You can say you allowed this or not. At this moment it has become unimportant as it did happen and yes some have fought against it and failed as not each person agreed to this veil.

Just like at this moment upon earth, many agree with one side of the story, others agree with the other side of the story and some are in the middle of the story.

Many were tricked into a certain experience, just like at this moment.

They were told many stories about what it could do for them, how it would advance them and allow them to experience even more than what was there at the moment.

Yet, once one of the veils was placed, disappointment was born.

Many were disconnected from their higher consciousness and the control system, the veil, prevented them from re-connecting with their higher consciousness.

Some were able to find a way through and these teaching were presented in the mystery schools. Many just accepted the veil and lived their life’s upon earth, lifetime after lifetime.

As you can see free will is something that is allowed on any level, it is not just on the human level of your being, it is on all levels of your being, and those higher parts of your being, the parts on the other side of the veils, have been working on getting re-connected again as well.

You can see the result in the great shift of people awakening at this moment compared to the past.

At this moment we see however a similarity between before the shift and after the shift. Many are again falling for the stories about advancement, amazing experiences and more. In this way a new control system is being created through many awakened ones.

Yes, we know, you all are living through the heart, not to mention that at that time all were living through the heart as well. In fact every human is in one way or another living through the heart, as choices are made through the emotional state of being together with thought about how each being feels at the moment of the choice.

To think that you are living more from the heart then another person is a trap of the ego, but also a trap of the control system present amongst you.

You see in this way many control systems have been placed upon the earth, but also within you.

Who placed them?

That is for you to decide, but to think that all of them were placed by only your being is closing your eyes for the reality that is present within many dimensions and realities.

Control systems are present, either by your own choice or the choice of others, it is for you to determine which ones stay and which ones go.

At this time many new control systems are being created already, discernment as to who and what is key.

Control systems come in many different forms and shapes, but no matter what, they are usually there to limit you in some way.

Even your own personal control system you used to move down to earth is limiting you in some way.

At this time, where the full connection within comes available to experience for every human if they choose to do so, we suggest that you be very aware of any controls that will or are preventing you from reaching this state of full consciousness again.

As only from this full connection within you can create and have the experiences you choose to experience.

From one source to another
Petra Margolis
May 15, 2013


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