The sphinx speaks oneness has never left and will never leave


The sphinx speaks oneness has never left and will never leave
sphinxThis is something you recognize yet not always feel as the human body and mind are in a way still separated from any real experience within the spiritual reality through the human reality.

What we mean by this is that many do have spiritual experiences that are coming in through the human reality in a way that is explained through the human reality.

When all have different experiences within the spiritual reality, which one is real, or are they all real.

Does this mean that what each one experiences within the human reality is real as well.

The oneness is seen by many as the oneness with all that is out there, but many forget that the actual oneness is contained within your own being and this includes your human body.

The human body is supported through many spiritual energy systems and in this way is a full part of your spiritual being.

You look for oneness in a reality of exclusion and in this way you will never find the oneness that has always been and will always be there.

As we talked in our previous message about why you think that some belief systems are better than others, we have seen some of the reactions within the inner awareness of some, and they represent the exclusion we talk about.

The highest good of all, seems to be very important as many think that the highest good of all is an all-inclusive view.

Forgetting that each person has certain ideas and beliefs about what is or should be the highest good for all.

Many think or even judge other belief systems as not inclusive, and in this way they are in fact negating their own idea of all inclusive.

Judgment of what other belief systems see as the good for all is not being inclusive of all.

Some think that they have moved out of source and in this way got disconnected. They think that expansion of their own being is what will return the oneness.

Moving deeper and deeper within the experience of your own being is oneness with all that can be experienced within every reality within your being.

Source is but the glue that holds all your parts together, you are the one that is divine consciousness just by being you, and you will find that this is what returns to you, the oneness of experience that has never left, but was only forgotten.

Now having expectations about this divine conscious state of being brings in the pitfalls many will have to go through, once you reach this state it will not have the influence you think it should have upon your earth existence.

Not all that is beyond your earthly realm is like what you expect it to be, many see this divine state as meeting their family, and others know it goes beyond this experience.

Reaching a state of calm within, yet fully engaging within the earth reality and at that point also other realities that come into your view.

Do not think those other realities will represent the perfect divine experience, as there are many just like you experiencing different forms of reality.

A divine consciousness state is reached when you are able to see all that can be experienced, not just within the earth reality, but also beyond.

Never forget though that as you are still within a human body and mind reality, experiences within this divine state are influenced by all that you belief as a human.

Be open minded, be open to all that can be, as there is always more than meets the eye.

The journey is amazing as you expand within to reach that state of experiencing within. All is within you, and even that divine state of consciousness and knowing the oneness is within you.

Life upon earth will change for you; the experience of life upon earth will change for you.

But it is you who will have changed your experience, your inner understanding and knowing, and in this way you will be on the path of full expansion within.

Becoming the oneness within you, remember that all is always within you; it has never left and will never leave.

From one source to another
May 24, 2013
Petra Margolis


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