32 thoughts on “Bank Negara Malaysia – Central Bank of Malaysia – Who owns it?

  1. Thank you for posting this. I have asking this question of “who owns the Malaysia National Bank” a long time ago….I think I have the tips of answer now. I will continue exploring until the reviewing of the whole truth!


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  3. The kijang is not a mouse deer (pelanduk/kancil) as
    described but a barking deer, an animal of the country
    smaller than a rusa (deer) but bigger than a napoh whose
    size is between that of a kicang and a pelanduk.

    Kicang was depicted in some of the coins issued in
    pre-colonial Malaya). All have tails but not as long as
    that depicted in the Bank Negara logo, which is based
    on the kijang coins minted by the older Malayans.
    So their mistake was taken wholesale without making
    any correction thereto.

    The sun and moon has nothing to do with any form of
    celestrial worshipping by Muslim Malayans of old. The symbols
    manifest perpetual authority, like the words used in most of the
    documents especially Agreements in pre-colonial Malaya and
    indeed in many parts of Southeast Asia ie “selagi ada peredaran
    bulan & matahari” which literally means as long as the sun and moon
    (are seen) to move in the sky.


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  5. Very nice article but I have to correct the “Kijang” part.. A mousedeer is a kancil.. Kijang is another thing. But other than that. Great article for those who need to know who owns Bank Negara.


    • This is what I researched:-

      The first Malaysian Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, the late Tun Ismail Mohamed Ali, conceived the idea of having a Kijang motif for the official logo of the Bank. This motif was derived from the depictions of Kijang (barking deer) on gold coins of the State of Kelantan, which was among the earliest coins of the Malay Sultanate.
      The Bank’s logo was formalised in 1964 and features a Kijang, a sun and a crescent moon. The sun symbolizes power and the crescent moon represents Islam, the official religion of Malaysia.


  6. Magnificent web site. Plenty of helpful information here.
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  8. You don’t support your assertions on BNM being a Rothschild puppet with much fact. BIS today acts more of an association of central banks/banking regulators to coordinate standard-setting and dialogue among regulators. Capital adequacy standards, liquidity ratios, supervisory best practices…these are all efforts used to standardise and streamline banking worldwide. BIS is only named “international settlements” due to its historical role in facilitating post-war reparations. Being a BIS member does not automatically qualify you as a slave-child of the Jews or the Zionists or the Rothschilds. Perhaps slow down on your conspiracy talk unless you have facts. And read up on what the BIS is/was all about.

    Secondly, while BNM calls it Kijang, the logo isn’t exactly a proper mousedeer. The logo is taken from the oldest known coin from Malaya, which is a Kelantanese coin minted for Che Siti Wan Kembang. The coin had a mousedeer-dog hybrid as it was their belief in the day that such a hybrid creature features the best of both animals. The sun and the moon represent the functions of BNM overseeing monetary policy and the financial sector 24/7. BNM only adopted Islamic finance relatively recently (first Islamic bank: 1983), yet the sun and moon had been there since 1964. Having unislamic elements in a logo doesn’t make it unmalaysian on blasphemous, it just shows we appreciate our history and the ones before us.


    • As your avatar “I Used To Work In BNM” suggests, I would assume that you “used” to work in BNM. If that is true then I would respect the loyalty of an ex-employee and I empathize with you.

      I usually do not engage in any form of argument as I do not believe winning or losing serves any purpose on discussing any particular subject. What matters to me is getting to the hard facts and at the end one is left to either accept or discard them at one’s free will.

      Your comments and descriptions on the BIS is rather brief and do not give a true picture of this nefarious institution. Here is a well researched article of the BIS covering fine details of its colorful history during pre-war and post-war Nazi regime in Germany to what it is today. It is a research done by the UK Green Party’s economics group for their 2001 mini-conference in Manchester. You may want to read it if you had not already. Link: http://www.bilderberg.org/bis.htm

      There are many articles and books written on the BIS and some could be read gratis online. One book which I find a very interesting read is “Tragedy and Hope” by Professor Carrol Quigley, who was Bill Clinton’s mentor and Georgetown University professor. If you like I could send you a PDF version.

      So, as far as the BIS goes, I have done many many readings and its ill reputation is universally well known and its associations with most if not all (Except Russia, China, Iran and Cuba)) of the central banks in the world is highly suspect for purposes of controlling the issuance of national currencies and thus dominating the countries with National Debts. The “slow down on your conspiracy talk” which I take to mean talking of the links of the Zionists and the Rothchilds (and I would add the Nazis too), I would simply point to all the available historical documents that are available on the Internet as facts, which you may want to read and verify for yourself.

      In the article I threw out a main question and two sub questions:

      The main question – Who owns Bank Negara? To lead one to a most probable correct answer in my opinion is to go back to Malaysia’s relatively short history and ask this simple question:

      1.Who finance the new “independent” government which was officially incorporated and installed on September 1, 1957 ?

      and if that is too complicated for some, perhaps another simpler route is to ask:

      2.What does the Bank Negara’s logo represent?

      In your comments you gave your answers to only the second sub-question. Rightly or wrongly its your answer and I thank you for sharing.

      Perhaps you might want to share your answer to sub-question No.1? If you don’t want to you don’t have to and that’s fine with me.

      As this is not a forum website, I shall not get into the nutty-gritty of a debate or discussion, and that the purpose of this article or any other articles on this site is to invoke the minds into finding out more when a question pops up inside oneself and set one on a journey of discovery.

      “What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite.” – Bertrand Russell


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