#MH370 – Connecting the Dots to Two Major Military Exercises?

  • Multilateral Military Exercise – Cope Tiger 2014

While SAR for MH370 was ongoing

3/11/2014 – KORAT ROYAL THAI AIR FORCE BASE, Thailand — Aviation and ground units from the U.S. Air Force, the Royal Thai Air Force, Navy and Army, and the Republic of Singapore Air Force is participating in the Cope Tiger 2014 Field Training Exercise (FTX) in Thailand March 10-21.

More than 760 personnel will participate in the exercise, including approximately 160 U.S. service members and 600 service members from Thailand and Singapore.

The FTX will involve a combined total of 76 aircraft and 42 air defense units, including 10 U.S. F-15C/D aircraft, and 15 F-16s, six JAS-39s, six F-5s, five ALPHA JETs, six L-39s, one C-130, one BELL 412, and one UH-1H from the Royal Thai Air Force. The Republic of Singapore Air Force will deploy eight F-16s, six F-15SGs, six F-5s, one G550, one KC-135, and two AS332 to the exercise.  – Pacific Air Forces


  • Cobra Gold 2014 – Mass Launch.

US military exercises in Asia meant to send a signal to China, say experts

Before the MH370 incident

The Pentagon has airmailed Beijing a belated and unsubtle message for the recent Chinese New Year – by parachuting in Pacific combat troops into the Asia Pacific.

After more than a decade of wars in the Middle East, 2014 is the year in which the U.S. officially starts re-orientating its military focus to Asia as Washington aims to counter the military build-up by China. Read further

Please read the article below in relation to MH 370 and the two above videos on the multi-lateral military exercises carried out by the United States, Singapore and Thailand, Cope Tiger 2014 & Cobra Gold 2014:

MH 370 – A Sinister Tragedy In the Fog of Coincidence? – Some Strange Parallels with Catastrophic Consequences – By Matthias Chang (1/4/14)






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