#MH370 – SOS distress call was sent from the plane – China Times

Thanks to Simon (NZ) for the links.

“…all parties involved in assisting the Malaysian government have remained “very tight-lipped about what is going on”. – Aviation expert Clive Irving

The China Times reported on 8th March that MH370 made a distress call that they would make an immediate landing because the “cabin faced disintegration.”

The distress call was recorded by a US Navy listening post VTBU-Rayong at U-Tapao, Thailand. The US Embassy handed over tape recordings to the Malaysian Government but your Government will not mention the distress call in the preliminary accident report.

The U.S. military said the debris found more oil received SOS signals
Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and other five countries involved in search and rescue. Malaysia, Vietnam, flew lock may have lost contact with the sea search. According to the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) reported that instant, one of Vietnam rescue aircraft have discovered oil and debris in Malaysia and Vietnam at the junction of the sea.

In addition, the U.S. Embassy said the 2:43 U.S. military bases stationed in Thailand U-Tapao SOS signal was listening to some of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 emergency call, said the aircraft cabin facing disintegration driver call, they want a forced landing . U.S. troops are currently stationed in Thailand, Malaysia has been providing this signal.

What is really going on?how long will this charade go on?






13 thoughts on “#MH370 – SOS distress call was sent from the plane – China Times

  1. Since I notified you of the distress call I have also learned that a US attorney Ms Orly Taitz made a request under the US Freedom of Information Act for information about MH370 held by the NSA. The US Government did not deny it held information, but instead refused to release it citing Executive Order #13526 on grounds of national security.

    In answer to your question what happened it is my honest belief that there was an electrical fire in the cockpit area. I believe the pilots turned around before the fire broke out and when it did erupt they made a distress call. I believe the fire ruptured the pilot oxygen hoses and this could have fed the fire. There was a similar incident on the ground in 2011 to Egyptair flight 667 which melted a hole in the cockpit skin. I believe the same happened to MH370 and there was a sudden decompression. I believe the pilots were fatally incapacitated and lost consciousness in just seconds. I think MH370 flew on autopilot for 6 hours from the coast of Vietnam.

    I also think when authorities learned of the distress call they began a search in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Cambodia but when they could not find any wreckage they could not understand and began to speculate about pilot suicide or hijacking and when they found an odd radar target in the Straits of Malacca assumed this was MH370 and built an argument around this theory. That is why they have imposed secrecy, but the truth will be known some day that this was a genuine accident with no chance of survival.

    I do not think the Malaysian Government can bring itself to admit now that they might be wrong about a flight through the Straits.


  2. I should have added in my post that if there was a cabin fire, followed by decompression at 35,000ft any fire would go out due to a lack of oxygen.


  3. Simon, there are a number of theories on what happened with this flight, some of which are very complicated, and some are not. The more complex theories are not necessarily any more virtuous than the less complex ones. Until there is substantive proof on any one of them, I think you need to be a bit more open minded about your extremely detailed theory, parts of which have zero evidence and is pure speculation, (e.g the precise nature of the fire, the hole in the cockpit area etc ….you are surmising) Your theory is very interesting, but it is not necessarily the holy grail. It is but one of quite a few.

    It does seem increasingly strange that we have no physical evidence, and it appears that even the ‘experts’ are interpreting the same data in different ways. Again, this means nothing.

    The event is unprecedented where a long range aircraft lost its main communications at such an early stage of a potentially long range flight. So it will be a long term and difficult task to find it.

    As regards the NSA response on the existence and/or release of files on the subject. These must be considered classified information and therefore exempt from the FOIA. They are secret files. This would apply to numerous different scenerio’s, some very minor, but the law is the law. No conclusion can be drawn from the law being applied! Why would an exception be made for this? The information has been passed to the appropriate people, it just isn’t for the public domain.

    As regard the Malaysian Government not being able to bring itself to admit that they might be wrong, they are not alone!


  4. Zero evidence includes sighting from an oil rig off Vietnam of an aircraft on fire briefly which kept flying after the fire self extinguished.

    Zero evidence also includes a massive elaborate story perpetuated by Malaysian Authorities that MH370 turned west at IGARI for which there is no evidence. As the Malaysian Air Force themselves pointed out on day 4 whilst denying that MH370 flew back from IGARI, they have another Thales Raytheon GM400 located at Kuantan which has full coverage over both IGARI and BITOD yet never saw MH370 turn back east of the Malay Peninsula.

    When you prove me wrong then i am happy to admit it but since you will not address the evidence contrary to your views I don’t see it happening any time soon.

    There is no reason why a distress call must be treated as classified. You logic is Orwellian.


    • ‘since you will not address the evidence contrary to your views’

      What evidence in particular?

      And what views in particular?

      The last time you quoted my views on 7 May 2014 @ 7:53pm BST you gave a list on The Guardian website of 6 things I have never said, and mostly don’t believe.

      So either you have got me muddled up with someone else, you are making assumptions and publishing them as facts about my views, or you are deceitful as well as lacking the ability to be courteous and present a consistent and rational argument.

      And your idea of placing a burden of proof on me to prove you wrong is a fallacy anyway.

      The burden of proof lies with the person making a claim, not upon anyone else to disprove. The inability, or disinclination, to disprove a claim does not render your claim valid, nor give it any credence whatsoever.

      I may as well claim at this very moment, a tea pot is hovering over the remains of MH370. You cant prove I am wrong, Therefore, I am right.

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  5. How far away was the oil rig worker? I believe he himself estimated 70kms?

    As regards me proving you wrong. If you were to say you saw Elvis Presley in Safeway yesterday, it would not be for me to prove you wrong, it would be for you to prove you were right, because you are the one peddling the unlikely.

    As regards the NSA not publishing that information. Any piece of information would be classified, even if it was Elvis being seen in Safeways, by Barack Obama. This is the law. The law doesn’t discriminate to pander to members of the public who think they have a special reason to know. This is the protocol.

    In any case, apart from this website, I can’t find any other website or media source reporting on this distress call?

    One minute you are talking about a fire and a level of detail you can’t possibly know for an event near Con Son Island, then an oil rig worker who is an awfully long way away, on the Songa Mercur platform just off Vung Tau, is your evidence? It’s ridiculous. I would be amazed if he could see across Con Son island from Songa Mercur.

    You are quite aggressive towards me, and say my logic is Orwellian, when in fact it isn’t my logic. I am just telling you the NSA does not make exceptions to freedom of information. Thats it!

    Perhaps you should try contacting Julian Assange or Edward Snowden!

    By the way, The Guardian have a new forum, so you can go and let off steam in their again.


    • The broadcast was a made at a time that was consistent with pressure trouble aloft works for me… No broadcast about cabin cargo or radio fire, smoke; gunfire, engine fire, yadda, yadda. Moreover, Our captain’s phrasing in the blind is uniquely supportive of Boeing’s fleet grounding ALERT to all operators. [about 110 pages went into the record.] See the introduction pages from my March 13 of 2014 status report, formal filing with the FBI the FAA and CNN, NTSB, ATSB citing the Malaysian officials as culpable right here: https://plus.google.com/115700015494779068942/posts/MdfbkJ1uMGa


  6. The article appears to quote Thailand local time 2:43am, however I believe it is in error and should read 1:43 MYT. Journalist Florence de Changy has a different conclusion, but 2;43am was stated in the China Times article.


  7. Causality Published ~March 23, 2014.

    Reviewed hourly effective immediately – revised June 31, 2014.
    My investigation findings ALERT need urgent voluntary action by operators to inspect the airframe crown skin beneath the all SATCOM antenna adapters (mounts) for damage from puncture> corrosion> creasing> static pitting> cracking> tearing, regardless, whether or not the aircraft is subject to Boeing ALERT S.B. 777-53A0068; so as to prevent loss of control by cabin depressurization and loss of the aircraft integrity.

    There is no mention in the ALERT S.B. that the ACARS antenna would be disabled, forthwith. Boeing WARNINGS cite one operator of the 777-200, who informed of a 16” long skin crack, associated with the electrical bonding device, beneath the ACARS antenna, which was discovered [mercifully] during routine maintenance. Boeing issues its —ALERT— Service Bulletin to all operators, grounding the 777-200 fleet, on June 12, 2013.

    STOP – All 777 units, subject to ALERT S.B. 777-53A0068 need proof of compliance with its particular express inspection and repair directive, while the balance of the fleet need to discover through inspection any other pattern that will lead to disabling another antenna and loss of control due to decompression. – STOP

    Latest MH Flight 370 Timeline

    Abstract –
    ●off schedule cabin altitude
    ●off schedule cabin rate of climb> hypoxia > stupor> incapacitation
    ●ACARS antenna disabled due to a crown skin puncture:
    Puncture> Corrosion> crease> crack> tear> ~20 minute final development to> notation of ACARS/SATCOM Antenna functionality seriously reduced> ~ 3 foot growing crown skin tear> (until) plane altitude 35,000′, cabin alt 35,000′ ambient temp -40C cabin temp -40C> cabin walls icing.

    Systems –
    ACARS ON Automatic
    Electrical ON AUTOMATIC
    Pressurization AUTO alert active, auto outflow valves closed
    Engine cabin pressurization auto bleed hi and low valves open
    Hydraulic AUTO -RAT deploys later
    Fuel AUTO
    AutoPilot and Throttles ENGAGED
    120 US Registered airplanes are affected; the unit cost of each of these inspections was less than $3,020.00.
    -end of comment.

    Respectfully submitted…

    Captain Dirck Hecking

    Captain Hecking is a Retired Captain from Eastern and Express One International Airlines. This text is a conjecture free brief on reports I filed beginning 3/13/14, with CNN, NPR, FBI the EAA, the NTSB the FAA, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s…. Don’t hesitate to google the Boeing ALERT S.B. for anything else, or just ask…

    Captain Dirck Hecking
    6215 Coffman Rd.
    Indianapolis, In 46268
    317 293 6709 lw.

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