Cosmic Awareness -The Plug Has Been Pulled


The Plug Has Been Pulled

That this Awareness does have an opening message that relates to those who are impatient for change to occur, who are perplexed, troubled and perhaps even angry that more has not occurred, that the big changes have not happened. That many point out to this Awareness and at this Awareness that It has failed to deliver. But it is not only against Awareness that these ones rail, for it is against the many who have been speaking truths, who have been sharing the deeper concepts and understandings, that there has been an event and continues to be many events that are occurring now that is now the situation and the case.

That the original event is that December 21, 2012, when the energies of those in power were pulled and that the new sweeping energies of consciousness that are the energies of higher states of consciousness, the higher levels of God Source Consciousness, began to sweep into the energy realms of Mother Earth, Gaia, and of humanity itself. But as there was not an immediate destruction of the planet and the immediate ascension of those who had anticipated the event and had anticipated their personal ascension in a concrete way, many indeed became frustrated and upset that nothing happened.

That it has been almost two years since that event, as you are now approaching the second anniversary of 21st of December 2012, and during that time there have been many proclamations of new energies coming through, of new events occurring, of the ninemonths of gestation after 2012, of the energies that have been coming in with the Super Moons and astrological conjunctions and alignments.

The most recent that this Awareness as spoken of is that energy surge that occurred on the planet mid-July, and that that it too has presented itself and that now the levels are higher. But why is it that many still do not see evidence of change? Why is it that many feel that when the plug is pulled, the results should be instantaneous and observable in the physical? To this, this Awareness would present a further image. It is the image of a large bathtub with a plug in the base and that the plug was pulled and the draining began. But if it is a large tub and a small plug that it may take some time to drain this bathtub.

So is it with the events that have taken place and indeed are taking place. That the plug was pulled on December 21st, 2012, but the bathtub is an immense one and the draining has been taking place ever since. But it is not complete, the tub is not completely drained. It is certainly half empty now, or to those who would wish to look at it differently, that it is still half full, but it is still in the process of draining. That the way that was chosen was not simply for catastrophic events to occur that were Earth extinction events that could drive humanity to the brink of total annihilation and leaving but a few who had worked to ascend so that they would be the ones who would inherit the world.

But this too is a scenario, a timeline that was available and that some did have those experiences. But for those who had the timeline experiences of a catastrophic nature, that they would not be here now and those who are here now are the ones who chose not to experience a catastrophic Earth extinction event then or now, and that it is why the deeper spiritual choice that they were presented when they reviewed, when each and every individual reviewed their life purpose, was of a nature that they could choose at that time an Earth extinction event, a catastrophic release of humanity, or not.

That this has continued to be so over the last months and years since the initial pulling of the plug on December 21st, 2012. That several times since then the planet has come close to major events that could have brought in a third world war. To such times, one of which is still ongoing, where the period of time when the United States was on the brink of attacking Syria and bombing Syria for the alleged crime of the regime using chemical weapons on its own people.

The other situation is current, this being the situation in the Ukraine and how it too is being driven towards an escalation, an escalation that could even lead to a third world war timeline scenario. But even though it was supposed to have been triggered already, nothing has occurred other than sabre-rattling and postulating by those in power, especially the Western powers, of the dire need to send troops into the Ukraine to protect it. Of course this would not be protection at all, but provocation to Russia, to push them further into the melting pot, the stewing pot, that which is the pot that these events are being cooked up in.

But their leader, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin is not falling for this, is not simply reacting in this matter, but is certainly thinking things through and planning strategies. That this Awareness simply wishes at this time to say that individuals observing this situation and other world tension spots: Iraq, Syria and other areas also in the economic fields, the medical fields, and other areas of concern, such as the concern over Ebola.

That you are all indeed very much being pushed into possible choices of timelines where such events can be experienced as reality. But it is still the same situation as it was on December 21st, 2012. That choices are made, that you are making choices each and every day and that the challenge is not to be swayed into negativity, fear and hopelessness, as is being presented en masse by controlled media to influence the populace, to influence humanity to go down the dark road. That you indeed all still have free will as to what you choose and that this free will can be used to take you into fear and hopelessness and blind panic or it can be used to choose alternative routes, to choose alternative timelines, positive timelines.

That there is some discussion that is going on, on the Internet in this area, and that it has been presented that there are two timelines: the catastrophic timeline which is the agenda of the Powers That Be that wish individuals to choose the timeline of catastrophe and upheaval and annihilation versus that which is being referred to as the positive timeline. The entity of Alfred Webre is one who is presenting such information and that he can be viewed in his discussion with others as to the catastrophic timeline and the positive timeline. That this is still in the region of that which this Awareness has been discussing for some time: that the choices that are there are between choosing to devolve, to go into negative energies to be consumed by them, to live in fear and doubt and confusion or to start to see reality as a possibility of hope and a possibility of advancement and a possibility of freeing up from those who have been in charge and in dominion for so long, dominance for so long.

The latter choice is often that which is considerably harder choice for the simple reason that most still look at their external world and do not see an image and a presentation of hope and good times, but rather the confirmation that everything is going down the drain and that everything is a mess and that the events of the world confirm that one has little control over their lives and their life experiences. In some ways it is now the situation that those who seek to see the cup as half-full, who seek to understand that even though their perception of reality is still not one that shows them the highest levels, the highest attainments, the greatest hope, that for these ones it is still a struggle and this includes the majority of humanity.

But for those who have turned the corner, those who are approaching the corner, that the energies that are now flowing to them are exciting, uplifting, inspirational and indeed liberating. But for those who are not yet experiencing this in their lives, this Awareness re-presents the image of the bathtub up that is draining. That the waters are not completely drained away so that a new bathtub could be filled, but are in process and that there are those ones who still believe that even with a half full bathtub that they are still in control and are acting as this is so, and for them it is so and they are proceeding as always with their catastrophic agenda, that they are pummelling upon humanity.

That they are still in control in some ways in the collective interpretation of events and in the structuring of those same events to keep the individual enmired in that which is the corruption of their reality that they have so long inflicted upon humanity and that humanity has for so long accepted. Now that the energies are drawing away, draining away, that once supported them, there is desperation in their efforts, for they too see that they have but a little time, a short time, to effect their plans, to indeed capture again humanity for their
purposes and not for the purpose of Spirit and the Divine Essence.

In this they cannot achieve success, for it is ordained in that which is the Higher State of Divine Consciousness, the Highest State, the all-embracing state of God Awareness, God Consciousness, Divine Consciousness, that a change is to take place and for that level of Consciousness, this Awareness included, that It is seen that this event has already occurred and that all that is occurring in some ways for those who are still participating on the Earth-based level, the focus level, is that the tub is still draining, events are still occurring, the ones in power have not yet given in or surrendered and are trying desperately to effect their changes to suit them, the changes to suit them and that which they seek to achieve.

That in this, it is a time of death-throe energies. The thrashing of the tail wildly, while the one that is dying off is undergoing the death experience that is not accepted, that is not allowable to them. It is as if these ones are unwilling to accept that the game indeed is over and that a new game is about to commence, a game that they themselves can participate in if they have the willingness to release finally their own agendas, their own old ways of holding onto power.

It is not seen that the majority of those who are engaged in the manipulation of consciousness at the third dimensional and fourth dimensional level are willing to do so. Thus it is, as this awareness has explained many times, a new set of timeline realities will be made available to them so that they and those that choose to be party to the realities of the creation of these ones, their created realities, can participate in.

That this Awareness of course has called this the planet B scenario. The timelines that would support the Reptilian/Orion extraterrestrial ones, the rogue spiritual ones that come not from the light of compassionate understanding and love that is the Divine Source, but rather from the separation from the Divine Source. That these ones are still struggling to maintain authority, power and control, and are still in their desperation trying to drag down many who will then continue to participate in the reality that they will create in that future.

But as this Awareness has said, the plug has been pulled, the water is draining and it is coming to a point of completion. That this Awareness at this time asks all to stay strong, to dare to believe that a positive timeline is underway, that you are part of that positive timeline. To look at those times when greater disaster was avoided, such as in Syria and even now in the Ukraine, and to hold that this will be so, for your timeline is not the timeline of catastrophe, but the timeline of hope and uplifting, the positive and creative timeline that is being offered to one and all from Divine Source Itself.

That this completes today’s opening message.

Thank you Awareness. That was excellent and very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Bilderberger Henry Kissinger Wants World Army to Fight Terrorists

Globalist war criminal once described troops as “dumb, stupid animals”

by Steve Watson | | September 29, 2014

hkHenry Kissinger, Bilderberg kingpin and architect of overthrowing democratically elected governments, is keen to establish a global mercenary army to fight terrorists, according to Fox News big mouth Bill O’Reilly, who has heartily endorsed such a notion on recent programming.

“I was with Henry Kissinger last night,” O’Reilly said Sunday on ABC News’ This Week.

“And he told me my idea of a worldwide anti-terror force paid for by the coalition of nations under the supervision of Congress — Kissinger has endorsed that for years.”

“Bill O’Reilly and Henry Kissinger on a mercenary force?” Stephanopoulos asked. “Simpatico,” O’Reilly answered.

O’Reilly was speaking in context of a new book he’s flogging regarding the life and death of General Patton. Asked how Patton would deal with the ISIS uprising in Syria and Iraq, O’Reilly stated “he would be saying to President Obama, ‘Give me the Third. I’ll go into Syria, and I’ll wipe ‘em all out,’”

It’s not surprising to hear that Kissinger heartily endorses the idea of a world mercenary army under the guise of fighting terrorism. He directly oversaw coups against elected governments in South America and elsewhere, as well as the slaughter in Vietnam and Cambodia, all under the justification of combating the rise of Communism.

Kissinger is a staunch globalist, intent on pushing for the dissolution of sovereign nations in favor of his vision of a New World Order. Even at the age of 91, he’s still churning out books, openly calling for global government – see ‘World Order’ his latest globalist diatribe in which he bemoans the fact that nation states still exist, suggesting that they are the root cause of modern upheaval in the world.

“The clash between the international economy and the political institutions that ostensibly govern it also weakens the sense of common purpose necessary for world order. The economic system has become global, while the political structure of the world remains based on the nation-state. Economic globalization, in its essence, ignores national frontiers. Foreign policy affirms them, even as it seeks to reconcile conflicting national aims or ideals of world order.”

Furthermore, he views soldiers as “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy,” according to authors Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. The comments were made in front of Alexander Haig, newly appointed White House chief of staff, in 1973, and have never been denied by Kissinger.




War Crimes: Were the Nuremberg Tribunals Only Victors’ Justice?


Tor: browse the Internet with an added cloak of privacy


Tor Challenge Inspires 1,635 Tor Relays


Good news for whistleblowers, journalists, and everyone who likes to browse the Internet with an added cloak of privacy: the Tor network got a little stronger. Tor—software that lets you mask your IP address—relies on an international network of committed volunteers to run relays to help mask traffic. And that network is stronger now, thanks to the 1,000+ volunteers who participated in our second-ever Tor Challenge.

The goal of the Tor Challenge is simple: to improve the Tor network by inspiring people to run relays. These relays are the backbone of the Tor network; they’re the machines that actually forward and anonymize Tor users’ communications. We also see this Challenge as an opportunity to educate people about the value of Tor, address common misconceptions about Tor, and give technically oriented folks a concrete, somewhat measurable way of promoting freedom and privacy online.

This is the second time we’ve held this challenge, and the outpouring of support from the technical community far exceeded our hopes. When launching this campaign in June, we were hoping to surpass 549 participating relays—the total number of relays that took part in the challenge in 2011. And that was an ambitious number; 2011 was during the Arab Spring, and the EFF Tor Challenge was one small way that technologists could lend support to democratic activists who relied on Tor to organize and reach the larger Web. We hoped that this year we’d be able to inspire just as much participation.

The results far outstripped our hopes: we had nearly three times as many participating relays. That’s over 1,600 relays—either new or increased in bandwidth—helping to strengthen the Tor network.

Here’s a breakdown of the results:

Tor Challenge 2011 Tor Challenge 2014
Exit Relays 123 326
Middle Relays 299 1203
Bridges 127 106
Total Participating Relays 549 1,635

One of the reasons this campaign was so successful was that we teamed up with three other organizations: the Free Software Foundation, Freedom of the Press Foundation, and the Tor Project. These organizations’ promotional efforts were key to the campaign’s success.

The other key? Over 1,000 individuals who cared enough to help contribute bandwidth to the Tor network. Our gratitude goes out to each of the participants. Thanks for making the Internet a little more private and a bit more resistant to censorship.

Special thanks to Dr. Karsten Loesing of the Tor Project for making these awesome graphs of the challenge.


Why we need Tor now more than ever

torEFF’s Jillian York notes that Edward Snowden’s leaked documents have shifted the focus of the global conversation around Internet freedom from censorship to surveillance, but that the two forces are inextricably linked. read more





Web Magna Carta: WWW inventor calls for ‘online bill of rights’



World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee.(Reuters / Vincent West)

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web has spoken out against world governments and corporations, which he says are seeking to control the web for their own gain.

He called for a revolutionary bill of rights to guaranty the web’s independence.

When he invented the nexus 25 years, ago, the British Berners-Lee dreamed of a neutral space where humanity, with all of its “ghastly stuff,” would be free to be itself. Now, however, he sees no choice but to institute a sort of Magna Carta for the online world – a document that would be modeled on the 13th-century English charter on basic rights and freedoms.

“If a company can control your access to the internet, if they can control which websites they go to, then they have tremendous control over your life,” Berners-Lee spoke at London’s ‘Web We Want’ festival, which discussed the future of the internet and its guidelines.

“If a government can block you going to, for example, the opposition’s political pages, then they can give you a blinkered view of reality to keep themselves in power.”

“Suddenly the power to abuse the open internet has become so tempting both for government and big companies,” he said.

READ MORE: Spying and storing: Assange says ‘Google works like NSA’

Berners-Lee is active in his mission to counter that; the 59-year-old is the director of the World Wide Web Foundation, a lobbying body for the advancement of internet policy. A statement on their website explains that “governments — totalitarian and democratic alike — are increasingly monitoring and controlling people’s online communication. Wireless internet providers are being tempted to slow down traffic on sites with which they have not made deals.”


“Closed content silos are walling off information posted by their users from the rest of the web. High costs and lack of locally relevant content, especially in the developing world, still exclude the majority of the world’s people from the web’s global conversation.”

“If we, the web’s users, allow these and other trends to proceed unchecked, the web could be broken into fragmented islands and its transformative potential frittered away,” he said.

Last year, Berners-Lee’s work was recognized by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. It was then that he also elaborated on the scandalous facts of global internet surveillance leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

READ MORE: One year after Snowden drops NSA bomb, UK citizens demand more privacy

“The original design of the web of 24 years ago was for a universal space, we didn’t have a particular computer in mind or browser, or language… When you make something universal … it can be used for good things or nasty things … we just have to make sure it’s not undercut by any large companies or governments trying to use it and get total control,” he said, when asked to comment on Snowden.

The world tried, with varying degrees of success, to mitigate the damage caused by power-hungry surveillance initiatives. One ruling by the EU resulted in Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’ policy, which allows users to remove links with information about themselves. But like other initiatives, there are fears of abuse and privacy infringement and censorship.

“There have been lots of times that it has been abused, so now the Magna Carta is about saying…I want a web where I’m not spied on, where there’s no censorship,” Berners-Lee said at the festival.

According to his comment, the only information that should be kept off the web relates to things that were illegal before the web, and remain illegal now – such as “child pornography, fraud, telling someone how to rob a bank,” and the like.





Judge Dale (Retired): A Major Change is Coming October 1st

Before Its News

Date: September 28, 2014 at 3:42 AM
The Puff & HUFF continues
Judge Dale provides some excellent information about what has been going on behind the scenes in the world of banking. To be honest, his comments about gold being used to prop-up the US dollar seem a bit odd, since the gold standard was abandoned in the early 1970s, but the focus here is on October first, since it is only a few days away.
So much has been going on in the last six weeks, and Judge Dale outlines what may be about to happen in the next few days. I’ve been following the BRICS and gold situations closely, and can easily see what he describes actually happening. -LW

Friday, September 26, 2014 3:46   (Before It’s News)
From what I have been able to deduce and conclude regarding the RV / GCR and this is purely an educated opinion:
The London financial district is part and parcel of a world conglomeration involving the Federal Reserve System; the Bank of International Settlements; IMF, CBI’s, World Bank, and Vatican Bank and they have been manipulating the price of “gold and silver” for many years now by keeping its actual value very low.
The reason for manipulating the value of gold and silver was to keep the value of the US Dollar and petrodollar high, in that the conglomeration controls the dollar, which has been the Worlds International Currency since WWII.
China and Russia initiated the formation of the BRICS Alliance around 2008 which now includes roughly 185 Nations, with one motive in mind and that was to create a new transparent and incorruptible world financial system to replace the “dollar and petrodollar” and the totally corrupt Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of International Settlement conglomeration.
China recently established a new gold and silver trading platform in direct competition with London.  Their reason for doing this I will explain next.
The BRICS have been capitalizing on London’s price fixing platform by buying up gold at the corrupted low fixed value rate.
China has been buying the lions share and when China accumulates 5,000 metric tons of gold, their new gold and silver trading platform will revalue the Worlds gold and silver at its true market value. This true market value will probably be (5X) five times higher than the London market and will be the knockout punch that will bury the US Dollar; the US Military Industrial Complex (Wall Street); the Corporate USG; the FED, BIS, CBI, Vatican and World Banks.
I believe that China is about to revalue gold and silver on or about September 30, which will place the BRICS Alliance in control of the Worlds monetary system.
This is a good thing because the BRICS will force an RV and GCR.
I have three reliable independent sources who are predicting a major change come October 1, 2014 (So I guess we shall see).
The five largest US Banks are currently holding derivatives totaling 40 trillion dollars each, meaning that these five banks are holding the bonds or paper assets that created roughly 200 trillion US Dollars.
When China revalues the Worlds gold and silver at five times its current value, the derivatives of these five US Banks will increase exponentially by (5X) five and will finally bankrupt this corrupt conglomerate that has been controlling the World through debt.
We will probably witness a bank holiday that will last about one week to ten days in October and then the announcement of the RV / GCR.
Things will get a little tight for us all during this banking holiday.  There may be some looting and other craziness so be prepared for the worst.
The Bank of New York is currently the only BRICS Alliance Bank in the USA and I am thinking that the BRICS Alliance will take over one or more of the five major US banks; fire the ranking personnel and install new software before announcing the RV / GCR and foreign currency exchanges.
(P.S.  Some think that China controls/owns a big part of Wells Fargo Bank with, by far, the ‘Least’ amount of Derivatives)




Elementals of Light precess to Higher Vibrational levels as completion of Ascension protocols for Gaia collective takes place


gaia_energy1Elementals of Light precess to Higher Vibrational levels as completion of Ascension protocols for Gaia collective takes place.

Masters of Illusion cannot exist in the current energetic structure of Gaia. That term is meaningless.

Freedom of perception now is experienced in all hu-mans and leads to engrandizing of individual energetics.

Precession completes as Gaia Light grids solidify.

Portals of BEingness open rapidly for all.

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