More Questions Surfacing About Vote Rigging Scotland’s Independence Referendum

…the “voting process” is nothing more than a democratic instrument of dominance of an eye-wash whilst the process is strictly under the controllers’ control, just like all the games in a casino which is tightly roped and the gamblers/punters have no (fair) chance at winning. Its an efficient template of domination. The people of the world should realize this by now. The people can never win any game of the controllers creation…not in their court anyway. The people need to find an alternative game played on a neutral court/playing ground to have any chance… if at all.

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As soon as we received the facts that the bankers felt very threatened and exemplified their fears with spoken threats of their own (a “Yes” vote would mean they would move their offices from Scotland) prior to the votes.
Here is an example:
RBS confirms London HQ moveifScotlandvotes ‘Yes’ –

We then reported that the banking cartel has a interest in rigging the votes.
Having experienced vote rigging and elections fraud here in the U.S. the probability of vote rigging during the Scottish referendum is credible indeed.

MOSCOW, September 19 (RIA Novosti) – Russian observers think that Westminster put significant pressure on Scots during the independence referendum on September 18.

Imagine in the near future, a region will declare itself independent of the European Union… ~Ron

18 Sept 2014
Police Probe Scotland Independence ‘Voter Fraud’ Allegations

Brussels Celebrates their Defeat of Scottish…

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