The Malays Are Their Own Worst Enemy

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Article by Mariam Mokhtar

Melayu Bunuh Melayu

A new year, a new beginning. Or so it should be, except many Malays prefer to cling on to their old world, where nothing changes and where they are the only victors. They are duped into the government’s “social engineering” drive which gives preference to only one race. Like it or not, the ordinary Malay is the most oppressed in the country.

The Malays who claim supremacy call the shots. The ordinary Malay hopes one day to call the shots too, but the reality is that most of them never will. Malays suffer from crab mentality.

Why, and for how long, should we continue with these exclusive ‘Malay rights‘? God gave us natural talents and ability, coupled with a brain with which to shape our own destiny. Instead, we conjured ways to avoid making full use of available opportunities. A muscle…

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4 thoughts on “The Malays Are Their Own Worst Enemy

  1. Awareness of the condition on Earth that all nations are human plantations, slave farms, and perpetual revenue source for those who control institutions.
    Institutional governance and fractional reserve banking are practices that must be abolished.

    Every nation has a similar affliction, personal sovereignty is threatened, and ethnic groups or immigrants are scapegoated…


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