Gold rush…what’s up, don’t like money no more?


Swiss, French call to bring home gold reserves as Dutch move 122 tons out of US


The financial crisis in Europe is prompting some nations to repatriate their gold reserves to national vaults. The Netherlands has moved $5 billion worth of gold from New York, and some are calling for similar action from France, Switzerland, and Germany.

An unmatched pace of money printing by major central banks has boosted concerns in European countries over the safety of their gold reserves abroad.

The Dutch central bank – De Nederlandsche Bank – was one of the latest to make the move. The bank announced last Friday that it moved a fifth of its total 612.5-metric-ton gold reserve from New York to Amsterdam earlier in November.

It was done in an effort to redistribute the gold stock in “a more balanced way,” and to boost public confidence, the bank explained.

“With this adjustment the Dutch Central Bank joins other banks that are keeping a larger share of their gold supply in their own country,” the bank said in a statement. “In addition to a more balanced division of the gold reserves…this may also contribute to a positive confidence effect with the public.”

Dutch gold reserves are now divided as follows: 31 percent in Amsterdam, 31 percent in New York, 20 percent in Ottawa, Canada and 18 percent in London.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has organized the ‘Save Our Swiss Gold’ referendum, which is taking place on November 30. If passed, it would force the Swiss National Bank to convert a fifth of its assets into gold and repatriate all of its reserves from vaults in the UK and Canada.

“The Swiss initiative is merely part of an increasing global scramble towards gold and away from the endless printing of money. Huge movements of gold are going on right now,” Koos Jansen, an Amsterdam-based gold analyst for the Singaporean precious metal dealer BullionStar, told the Guardian.

France has also recently joined in on the trend, with the leader of the far-right National Front party Marine Le Pen calling on the central bank to repatriate the country’s gold reserves.

In an open letter to the governor of the Banque de France, Christian Noyer, Le Pen also demanded an audit of 2,435 tons of physical gold inventory.

Germany tried and failed to adopt a similar path in early 2013 by announcing a plan to repatriate some of its gold reserves back from the US and France.

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The efforts fizzled out this summer, when it was announced that Germany decided to leave $635 billion worth of gold in US vaults.

Germany only keeps about a third of its gold at home. Forty-five percent is held in New York, 13 percent in London, 11 percent in Paris, and only 31 percent in the Bundesbank in Frankfurt.





Published on 9 Jul 2012

I worked for NASA and here’s the truth, here’s my story and the greatest deception the world will ever face: the earth, it’s size, it’s shape, all images they show you are not the truth… get ready , it’s going to be hard to swallow. This is my story as an artist faking your universe. My name is Math powerland



#MH17 – Investigation and SECRET DEAL

Land Destroyer

MH17: Malaysia’s Barring from Investigation Reeks of Cover-up


A part of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 at the crash site in the village of Hrabove (Grabovo), some 80km east of Donetsk, on August 2, 2014 (AFP Photo / Bulent Kilic)

November 28, 2014 (Ulson Gunnar – NEO) – It was a Malaysian jet, carrying Malaysian passengers, flown by Malaysian pilots, yet after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014, Malaysia has been systematically blocked from participating in the investigation, leaving an overwhelmingly pro-NATO bloc in charge of the evidence, investigation and outcome as well as the manner in which the investigation will be carried out.

Despite the integral role Malaysia has played during several pivotal moments in the aftermath of the disaster, it appears that the closer to the truth the investigation should be getting, the further Malaysia itself is being pushed from both the evidence and any influence it has on the likely conclusions of the investigation. With the downed aircraft in question being Malaysian, Malaysia as a partner in the investigation would seem a given. Its exclusion from the investigation appears to be an indication that the investigation’s objectivity has been compromised and that the conclusions it draws will likely be politically motivated.

Joint Investigation Team Includes, Excludes Surprising Members 

With the Dutch leading the investigation, the logic being that the flight originated from the Netherlands and the majority of the passengers were Dutch, it has formed a Joint Investigation Team (JIT). At the onset of its creation it seemed obvious that Malaysia would too be included, considering it lost the second largest number of citizens to the disaster and the plane itself was registered in Malaysia. Instead, JIT would end up comprised of Belgium, Ukraine, and Australia, specifically excluding Malaysia.

Malaysia was both surprised and has protested its exclusion from JIT, and has repeatedly expressed a desire to be included directly in the investigation.

Malaysia’s Star newspaper would report, “Malaysian Ambassador to the Netherlands Datuk Dr Fauziah Mohd Taib said Malaysia had not been invited to officially join the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which is undertaking the criminal probe.” It would also report that, “Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said recently that Malaysia had expressed its stand very clearly that it must be part of the criminal investigation team and had informed Dutch authorities of its intention.”

The Malaysian Insider cited Malaysian scholar Dr. Chandra Muzaffar who believes the decision to exclude his country from the investigation is politically motivated, aiming at excluding members that may urge caution and objectivity instead of draw conclusions first and bend the investigation’s results around those conclusions. In particular, Dr. Muzaffar believes that the investigations is intentionally being skewed to target Russia.

Ukraine’s involvement in the investigation is particularly troublesome. Had MH17 crashed in Ukraine under different circumstances, Ukraine’s role would be welcome. However, it was apparently shot down specifically in a conflict in which Kiev itself is a participant. With both sides of the conflict possessing anti-aircraft weapons and with Kiev itself confirmed to possess weapons capable of reaching the altitude MH17 was flying at when it was allegedly hit, Kiev becomes a possible suspect in the investigation. Kiev’s inclusion in JIT represents a monumental conflict of interest.

Imagine a potential suspect leading an investigation into a crime they may have committed. The possibilities to cover up, skew, spin, tamper with or otherwise distort both the evidence and the outcome of the investigation are endless.

And to compound this already glaring conflict of interest, it was revealed recently that an alleged “secret deal” was struck by JIT in which any member could bar the release of evidence. With all members of JIT being pro-NATO and decidedly arrayed against Moscow, such a “deal” could prevent crucial evidence from being revealed that would effect an otherwise distorted conclusion drawn by the investigators aimed specifically at advancing their greater political agenda in Eastern Europe. Had Malaysia been a member of JIT, the ability of other members to withhold evidence would have been greatly diminished and it is likely such a bizarre deal would not have been conceivable, real or imaged, in the first place.

Malaysia’s Exclusion Foreshadows Politically Motivated Outcome 

With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine perceived as a proxy war between NATO and Moscow, JIT’s membership including the NATO-backed Kiev regime itself (a possible suspect), two NATO members (Belgium and the Netherlands) and Australia who has passed sanctions against Russia over the conflict, is a textbook case of conflict of interest.

Those nations and international organizations calling for an investigation and for justice but who ignore the obvious problem of participants in a conflict investigating a key incident that may benefit their agenda directly, indicates that such calls for justice are disingenuous and instead, what is being done is not an investigation, but a politically motivated witch-hunt aimed at serving an ulterior motive.

Malaysia is not generally perceived to be a stanch ally of Moscow, but it is neither a loyal client state of Washington, London or Brussels. On many issues, Malaysia has exhibited an independence in foreign policy that has perturbed the so-called international order maintained by the West. And Malaysia’s internal politics have long wrestled to stem inroads by Washington’s favorites including Anwar Ibrahim and his political faction, Pakatan Rakyat.

Its inclusion in the investigation would provide a much needed, impartial counterweight to an otherwise fully pro-NATO JIT membership.

To casual observers, the current investigation led by NATO members and Kiev, a possible suspect, would be no different than the Donetsk People’s Republic and Russia leading it. Few would consider a DPR or Russian led investigation impartial, and few should see a NATO-led investigation as impartial. Had Malaysia been included in the process, an argument could have been made that an actual investigation was taking place rather than a complex propaganda campaign.

Malaysia’s exclusion is a troubling sign for the victims of the MH17 disaster, meaning the true culprits will never be known. The overt politically motivated nature of the investigation will on one hand  help fuel NATO’s propaganda war, but on the other hand, fuel the doubts of millions worldwide over the true events that took place in the skies of eastern Ukraine that day. Like so many other events in human history that took place amid a high stake political struggle, the downing of MH17 will be shrouded in mystery, mystery draped over the truth by the irresponsible leadership of NATO, and those in Washington, London and Brussels egging on the conflict in Ukraine to this very day.

Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


Malaysia excluded from #MH17 probe – for ‘not pointing fingers at Russia’?




‘Star Trek-like shields’: New radiation belt protects Earth from ‘killer electrons’



Surrounded by radiation belts, Earth is being protected by an invisible shield that stops high-speed “killer electrons,” scientists have found after taking a closer look at the Van Allen belt 7,200 miles above our planet.

“Somewhat like the shields created by force fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien weapons, we are seeing an invisible shield blocking these electrons,” the study’s lead author, Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics explained. “It’s an extremely puzzling phenomenon.”

This previously unknown phenomenon has been discovered by probes aimed at examining the so-called Van Allen belts, zones of donut-shaped rings around our planet.

Until March 2013, scientists assumed there were only two belts, filled with high-energy electrons and protons, surrounding Earth.

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However, a NASA-launched probe detected that there was a third belt in between the two.

The outer Van Allen belt is about 25,000 miles (40, 000 km) above the Earth, while the inner one can dip as low as 600 miles, close to the plasmasphere. The newly discovered barrier is 7,200 miles or 11, 500 km above Earth. But it seems to fluctuate in response to space weather.

These “killer electrons” travel at near light-speed of around 100,000 miles per second and are capable of damaging space electronics and can put astronauts in danger. But this third belt stops them from moving towards Earth’s atmosphere.

“It’s almost like these electrons are running into a glass wall in space,” Baker said.


Previously the team thought the electrons drifted into Earth’s upper atmosphere, where they were wiped out by air molecules.

Baker’s colleague on the study, co-author and associate director of MIT’s Haystick Observatory, John Foster, says: “It’s like looking at the phenomenon with new eyes, with a new set of instrumentation, which give us the detail to say, ‘Yes, there is this hard, fast boundary.'”

Scientists have also looked at a number of scenarios that could create and maintain such a barrier.

The team initially thought that the barrier was created by the Earth’s magnetic fields, which exist to send protons and electrons back and forth from one magnetic pole to another. It was mooted that Earth’s manmade communications could be creating some type of scattering effect.

Baker believes both explanations don’t hold any water and that the key to understanding the barrier will lie in closer, thorough studies of the Van Allen belts.

“I think the key here is to keep observing the region in exquisite detail, which we can do because of the powerful instruments on the Van Allen probes. If the sun really blasts Earth’s magnetosphere with a coronal mass ejection (CME), I suspect it will breach the shield for a period of time,” Baker adds.

His work was published in the November 27 issue of the journal Nature.



Malaysia – Coke, McDonald’s, Cadbury, politics and religion.

Coke and McDonald's

More and more people around the world are awakening from the slavery system which they are under. People’s uprisings are not only against tyrannical governments, but also against corporations, which they have realized who own and control the governments.

Monsanto is an example which is currently under heavy scrutiny by the awakened people for its nefarious GMO program. Through the years many hazardous GMO ingredients, which are linked to cancer and other diseases have quietly seeped into the food industry unnoticed. Checks and investigations by concerned citizens and consumer organizations have found that almost all the processed food and drinks on the supermarket shelves contain the nasty GMO stuffs. A comprehensive list of GMO products have been compiled and you can find it at Shift Frequency. The food industry is under pressure by NGOs, some governments and consumer associations to label their products, and many countries like Russia, India and some South American countries have banned GMO food.

While all these are going on around the world, ignorant Malaysians are unperturbed by these global happenings and are being kept narrowly focused on racial, local politics and religious issues drinking Coke and munching Big Macs while at it.

Recently, the Malays being Muslims briefly boycotted big uncle McDonald’s because of their anger over the Gaza killings by Zionist Israel. With shortened memories they’re back to Big Mac munching as the killings subsided. Read The Anti-Israel Protesters and The Elephant in the room.

Malaysian Muslims’ concerns about food are limited only to religious and not to health aspects. So what can you expect? Very little. The famous chocolate manufacturer Cadbury was targeted by the Malays lately for allegedly using porcine DNA in their products. Who and how they determined this is anyone’s guess but created great furors among the Malays that the National religious authority JAKIM was put to task to solve the issue “religiously” at the same time causing confusion amongst the Islamic scholars.

Dr. Asri

Dr. Asri, Former Perlis mufti saw some of the Muslims’ reaction as an overreaction and said that they should be more concerned with bigger crimes such as corruption.


Cutting the silly story short, the issue is finally resolved and Cadbury is now on an all out campaign to restore its credibility as a responsible corporation (if ever there’s one)

Today more than ever, the world’s food resources are being hijacked by giant corporations that are turning farms into factories and replacing natural resources with genetically modified “food-like” substances. – F. William Engdahl [Seeds of destruction]

As the people of the world face life-threatening issues such as wars and struggle for freedom….slumbering Malaysians remain a happy contending lot as long as they can have their daily dose of halal Cadbury….oh yes, halal Coke and halal Big Macs too…GMO or not it doesn’t matter as long as its HALAL! … and leave everything else to god, or their trusted government (?)




Malaysia excluded from #MH17 probe – for ‘not pointing fingers at Russia’?


…will Malaysia be attacked (again) for not complying with the wishes of the cabal?


The country that owned the shot down MH17 jet, which was carrying a number of Malaysian citizens and was flown by a Malaysian crew, has been excluded from the criminal investigation due to its political neutrality, the nation’s media reported.

Malaysia has been left out of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which has been tasked with learning more about the details of the tragedy which took place over Ukraine in July. This is despite the Dutch prime minister stating the importance of Malaysia’s cooperation during a visit to the country this month. The JIT includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, and Australia.

Experts from the Southeast Asian country are not taking part in the criminal probe into the reason behind the Boeing 777 crash, which killed all 298 people on board. Those victims represented 10 nations, and Malaysia had the second highest number of casualties at 43. Most of the passengers – 193 in total – were from the Netherlands.

Earlier in November, Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Bakar demanded the “active participation of Malaysian experts in the work of the joint investigative group,” while debris for further investigation was collected from the site without the country’s involvement.

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After the completion of the debris collection was announced, Malaysia said the action by the JIT countries was “unilateral,” an informed source in the Malaysian capital told TASS news agency.

According to Malaysian media, the country’s transport minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said that Malaysia had expressed its stance “very clear” that it must be part of the criminal investigation, and informed Dutch authorities of its intention. Malaysian ambassador to Ukraine Chuah Teong Ban reportedly expressed concerns that his country would not be allowed to inspect the debris unless it became part of the criminal investigation team.

The police chief said he would head to Amsterdam on December 3 to discuss Malaysia’s participation in the process with JIT members, joined by attorney general Abdul Gani Patail.

‘Political play in the situation’

When the crash happened, we did not blame any parties, neither Russia nor Ukraine, as we would like to take a look at the concrete evidence,” head associate professor in research and aviation at Kuala Lumpur University, Dr. Mohamed Harridon, told RT. He added that unlike “western counterparts,” Malaysia has taken a “neutral role,” and not “pointed fingers at Russia,” which could be the reason for the country’s exclusion from the investigation.

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Saying that Malaysia’s participation would “push for a more balanced power into the investigation,” Harridon – whose views on the matter were also published in one of Malaysia’s oldest newspapers, the New Strait Times – pointed out that the country being part of the investigation was only right and “legal.”

If you have evidence, it should be investigated by all parties – also by neutral parties – [and] investigated thoroughly, instead of putting the blame initially on one party,” he told RT, adding that there is “a political play in that situation.”

We are trying to lobby ourselves to be [included] in the investigation, we have laid out several statements, we have passengers dead in the crash, the plane belongs to Malaysia Airlines, and according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), we should be part of the team,” Harridon said, referring to the ICAO Chicago Convention, which states that the operator of a crashed flight must not be left out of an investigation.

The exclusion from the investigation appears to be an indication that the investigation’s objectivity has been compromised and that the conclusions it draws will likely be politically motivated,” New York-based geopolitical analyst Ulson Gunnar wrote in New Eastern Outlook magazine.

Gunnar added that Kiev is “a possible suspect in the investigation,” as it had “confirmed to possess weapons capable of reaching the altitude MH17 was flying at when it was allegedly hit” – so Ukraine’s “inclusion in JIT represents a monumental conflict of interest.”


‘Our participation will help prevent attempts to conceal the real story’

Saying that Malaysia must take a leading role in the investigation, the advisor for the country’s Suaram human rights organization, Kua Kia Soong, raised the issue of an alleged non-disclosure agreement drawn up by the four participating countries, The Star newspaper reported.

Something simple like the fact that these four countries can keep the findings of the MH17 crash to themselves is unacceptable,” Kua said. He added that the consensus of the four countries which is allegedly needed ahead of revealing findings to the public is also inappropriate.

READ MORE: Dutch government refuses to reveal ‘secret deal’ into MH17 crash probe

One can understand why Ukraine is in the team since that is where the plane was shot from the sky. We can understand the Netherlands’ membership of the JIT since the flight originated from Amsterdam. But why is Belgium in the JIT?,” Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, president of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), said, according to The Malaysian Insider.

The scholar said that if Belgium was on the list because of Brussels being the administrative capital of the European Union – which “may have some aviation responsibilities over commercial flights in the continent” – it still makes no sense, because “then it is the EU, not Belgium, which should have a place in the team.”

He also said that if Australia is in the JIT because a number of its citizens were killed in the tragedy, Malaysia should not have been sidelined in the criminal investigations. He added that the US should be participating too, “since Boeing, an American multinational, manufactured the 777 passenger jet.”

Our participation in the investigation will at least help to check any attempt to conceal or camouflage the real story,” Muzaffar said, as quoted by The Malaysian Insider.

READ MORE: $30mn bounty set to identify who shot down MH17 in Ukraine

Professor Mohamed Harridon doubts the whole truth will ever be revealed. “This is a long process, probably [will] take years, and there still [will] be speculations. Perhaps we [will] only know 60 percent of the truth,” he told RT.

The Dutch Security Council announced on Friday that the task of collecting the Boeing 777 wreckage had been completed at the site, and fragments still left in Ukraine are of no interest to investigators. However, local agencies will be charged for removing any remaining fragments from the crash site, TASS reported.