YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : This place is designed to drive people insane





“Azazel” Alexander (planet Mars) created the human avatar as a mix of man’s dna and ‘hugga’ snake. (aslo called : Nuwa, Nagga, Amorite) He created the Vatican (Covens of Azazel) who by coven law, promoted him. When promoted, by coven law the name is changed. (“Saul became Paul”) He is “Arch Angel Michael” now. This is why he’s over the chakra system that he implanted into us as a entrance point for the parasites to easier possess or feed off of us. When you meditate, you are in service to self, and are speaking to the reptile implant in the brain. “Kundalini” makes the snake rise and take over the vehicle. So, to answer your question, none of it is good.


Many are allies. The problem was the ‘org’s’ which were built to be the tool of the Vatican. Doesn’t matter which ‘org’ you go to, it…

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