David Stockman: The Bubble Is Global And Its Already Popping



Published on 13 Nov 2014
David Stockman, the outspoken former Reagan budget director and bestselling author of “The Great Deformation,” sits down with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough to discuss a number of important subjects in this wide-ranging interview including consequences of what the Fed is currently doing and why a global recession may be in store.

00:50 We Are In A Fantastic Bubble
2:21 The Most Important Price In Capitalism Is The Price of Money
4:37 Japan Panics…Is The Bubble Popping?
6:06 Trillions In Speculation And EM Debt = An Accident Waiting To Happen
7:49 China Is A House Of Cards And Europe Is Dead In The Water
9:16 Washington Will Say “We Didn’t See This Coming”
12:48 People Don’t Trust Financial Media
14:04 Consequences Of The Fed
16:01 Republicans Didn’t Understand The Real Enemy Was The Fed
17:13 Will Anyone Fire Yellen?
18:44 The Fed Has Been Inflating The Bubble
20:11 When The Bubble Bursts…
23:40 Critics Know That We Are Right
26:06 Will The Dogmatic Media Change?
27:13 A Crash Or A Generational Shift?




2 thoughts on “David Stockman: The Bubble Is Global And Its Already Popping

  1. The Canadian host offered republicans and the bush crime family advice, he said: “My name is Jeb Bush and I will fire Janet Yellen”…
    I had to stop the video or risk emptying my stomach.


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