World’s biggest criminal Tony #Blair has been awarded ‘Global Legacy Award’


‘Diabolical & absurd’: Outrage as Save the Children gives Tony Blair Global Legacy Award

…the cabal award each other, Obama got the Nobel and now …Blair, a convicted war criminal..


A decision by UK charity Save the Children to give Tony Blair its annual Global Legacy Award has unleashed a torrent of criticism highlighting the former PM’s role in Britain’s 2003 Iraq war and his controversial business dealings in the Middle East.

The former Labour leader, who is currently a key focus of a public inquiry into Britain’s invasion of Iraq, received the honor on Wednesday night at a star-studded gala hosted by the charity in New York.

Save the Children’s decision to offer Blair the award has provoked outrage across the UK, with critics insisting the move utterly discredits the charity.

Blair was honored with Save The Children’s ‘Global Legacy Award’ in supposed recognition of his vanguard leadership on the world’s international development stage.

While serving Britain as prime minister, he formally committed the country to allocating 0.7 percent of its GDP to overseas aid. His administration also founded the Department for International Development (DFID).

Following the announcement of Blair’s award at the Illumination Gala in New York’s Plaza Hotel, he fraternized with Hollywood celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Dakota Fanning.

Speaking at the gala, Blair said: “From the beginning of humankind there has been brutality, conflict, intrigue, the destructive obsession with a narrow self-interest.

“But throughout all human history, never has been extinguished that relentless, unquenchable desire to do good. To act not only in self-interest and sometimes to even to act in defiance of it.”

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2 thoughts on “World’s biggest criminal Tony #Blair has been awarded ‘Global Legacy Award’

  1. Hi There

    Please help to spread this around; I believe that my music video contains information that the general public are not aware of (such as he liked to be known as Miranda at university). I also believe that it has the potential to raise the interest of the public to push for a war crimes trial. There’s sooo much more to know about Blair’s past. Please Google “Tony Blair + Miranda” for more information (some of which I couldn’t use!).

    Here’s the link –

    Many thanks

    Martin Noakes


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