Dots to Disclosure – Torture report, MSM complicity, Cosby allegations, Guantanamo Bay and Vatican.

…if one thinks that change is not afoot, well…here are snippets of news ongoing on the planet. The dots are connected, and the Wind of Change is well well on the way…

…The official release of the torture report is extremely significant, and shows a massive sign of progress. The statement by Lagarde about the IMF seeking an alternative to US stonewalling the implementation of the new financial system (which is now a certainty with a Republican-controlled Congress) is also very significant. Also the drop in oil prices is overwhelmingly unexpected. – David Wilcock [Kauilapele]

The part about the Cosby story that people aren’t talking about yet is media complicity.- David Wilcock

benThe 500 page report of Bush era torture issued by the US Senate marks a major turning point in US power. While much of what is in the report is old news to most aware humans, the fact that it was issued by the US Senate Intelligence Committee and the fact that it was widely reported on in the corporate propaganda media is very important. For one thing it shows that Nazi faction of the cabal no longer controls the corporate media. It confirms information given to me earlier that the Cohen faction of the cabal had broken ranks with the Bush faction.

Even more important is that, according to establishment rules, once an incident is “in the news” then action must be taken. Since the United States is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, it means their government is bound by law to prosecute war criminals. This means, just as we predicted last week, that George Bush Jr. and the entire Nazi (Neo-con) faction of the cabal, are headed for jail and possibly even the death penalty.

The release of this report comes as the British Crown Prince William was in Washington to “attend a World Bank conference.” Japanese government sources say that while in Washington, William signed treaties… – Benjamin Fulford

British intelligence officials want access to the non-public information and redacted items in the Senate’s CIA torture report. Malcolm Rifkind, chairman of the British parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, said he would request any of the torture report findings that are related to Britain. When asked on BBC radio if he thought he’d receive the intelligence, he responded “I do not say I would be confident.” Read more


While much of the world is still reeling from the disclosures contained in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report released last week, more damning evidence about the treatment of detainees could soon make its away to the surface.

According to recent reports, a federal judge in New York City is expected to hear from the United States government’s attorneys this week about why a cache of classified photographs shouldn’t see the light of the day. Read more


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (R) tours a section of the Vatican (Reuters / Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Pool)


President Barack Obama’s goal of closing the Guantanamo Bay prison complex in Cuba has met heavy resistance from lawmakers in Washington, and now the White House is turning to a higher authority for help: the Vatican.

During an hour-long meeting with Cardinal Pietro Parolin on Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry asked the Vatican to help the United States find “adequate humanitarian solutions” for inmates currently being held at Guantanamo. Pope Francis himself has stressed that all prisoners should be treated humanely and with dignity.


Navigating the opaque world of main stream media, it can be easy to get lost in the fray. With that in mind, RT offers part one of its roadmap to the major MSM players to help viewers see the final destination that each has in store for its viewers. Read more






3 thoughts on “Dots to Disclosure – Torture report, MSM complicity, Cosby allegations, Guantanamo Bay and Vatican.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Mainstream Media: American TV Networks (P1)
    That rt link is broken and I failed to get a copy from a internet search.
    If someone has a copy please share it, thanks.


    • …wow! what happened to that piece of a gem? Its taken down for a good reason I’m sure! I should have copied it into my Evernote, which I normally do…sheesh!


      • If, in the future, you find an archived discussion of it please share it.
        I am not sure it revealed anything new, but I would like to make sure.
        New York, George Stephanopoulos (ABC-CFR), CNN, FOX, etc. are known but if direct links and other unknown links were revealed then it was indeed a gem.

        Having not watched TV and MSM news in several years, the recent actors and editors are likely unknown to me.


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