Malaysia – NEP handouts making Malays lazy, corrupt & swell-headed. Worst of all, it keeps them POOR


NEPPETALING JAYA – Malaysia’s New Economic Policy (NEP), has come in for criticism from Australian academic Wolfgang Kasper. “The preferential treatment locks the country in the middle income trap, breeds marginalization in politics, conflict, cronyism and excludes the poor from the free market and denies them social mobility.”

“It’s easy to jump on the back of a tiger. It’s difficult to get off. It will bite you.”

The emeritus professor of economics at University of New South Wales, once an adviser to Malaysia’s Finance Ministry, also criticized the Federal Government giving cash-handouts and financial aid instead of providing equal access to education to help the marginalized poor to lift their income status.

“Handouts are the worst incentives.” “Everyone should be given opportunities in life for starting out,” said Kasper on the sidelines of a lecture at INTI International College.

“Access to good education is important. Focus on the young.” Kasper reiterated that handouts are “the worst incentives” that can be given, as it discourage some people from working and so keeps them poor.

His lecture, “Public choice and Prosperity”, organized by the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, was on the dangers of creating “risk-averse bureaucrats” through a government monopoly on education.

There should be competition between schools, he advocated, one that can be fostered by the government giving school vouchers to parents to choose the best schools for their children. He cited Sweden as an example of making a success of the school voucher system run by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).




#MH370 – A pain in the neck for Malaysian government

From day one the Malaysian government’s neck got stiffer and stiffer in bungling the #MH370 affair. They are out of breath and their brain cells, lacking oxygen are hallucinating with more fibs.

Lest they know that GOD is watching! The only way out for them is to tell the TRUTH, otherwise their brains will totally freeze and self-destruct…and all for nothing, as the TRUTH is unstoppable and WILL prevail anyhow whether they like it or not.

MalayMail Online

Repetitions, contradictions, kin’s lawyer says of latest MH370 announcement


KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 — Malaysia’s latest update on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH370 did not shed any light on the still-missing aircraft and only succeeded in further flaring the tempers of affected families, a lawyer representing one next-of-kin said.

Gary Edward Chong pointed out that in the 11 months since the aircraft’s disappearance on March 8 last year, the family members of those aboard the plane have been demanding for transparency from the authorities but their cries have been left unheard.

Yesterday’s announcement, he said, only made matters worse.

“It is in our opinion, a mere repetition of earlier reports peppered with strings of contradictions lacking transparency and accountability especially in view of the on-going investigation as well as the search efforts.

“The statement, despite apologising to the next-of-kin of MH370 publicly and sympathising on their loss, has not helped but has instead infuriated a lot of them even more by simply not doing enough in providing them with concrete answers and leaving them in the dark all this while,” he said in a statement here.

The Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) was initially scheduled to hold a press conference at 3.30pm yesterday but in a last-minute change of heart, decided to cancel the meet to hold a televised address hours later without the presence of the media and MH370’s next-of-kin.

During their 6pm announcement, the DCA formally declared the Boeing 777 jetliner lost and all 239 passengers on board dead, finally allowing their families to proceed with the process of claiming damages.

Despite finally getting some semblance of closure from the 11-month-old tragedy, the families cried foul at the way DCA handled the announcement, with some accusing the authorities of lacking the guts to speak to them face-to-face.

Chong, who is a co-counsel in a suit filed by two boys whose father was aboard the ill-fated jetliner, said the case’s lead counsel Datuk Dr Arunan Selvaraj is presently discussing the matter with expert witnesses abroad.

“We will possibly be holding a press conference on this matter after his return and consultation with our clients,” he said.

The boys, 13, and 11, have filed a suit against MAS, the DCA director-general, Immigration Department director-general, Royal Malaysian Air Force chief and the federal government for the loss of support with the disappearance of their father, Jee Jing Hang, who was a passenger in MH370.

Apart from damages for loss of support, the boys are also seeking aggravated damages for injured feelings and emotions, mental distress and pain, and exemplary damages for gross neglect and breach of duty by the defendants.

The first of the expected torrent of lawsuits over the tragedy started taking shape in the United States by Chicago-based law firm Ribbeck Law in March, just a few weeks after the Boeing 777 jetliner went missing.

At that time, many relatives of the plane’s Malaysian victims considered the move premature, saying they wanted to allow investigators more time to search for the missing plane and that without hard evidence of a crash, they would not mount a lawsuit.

On March 8 last year, Beijing-bound Flight MH370 disappeared with 239 people on board and remains missing till today, with months of searching failing to yield any clues of its resting place or debris.

pray for mh370



Forestations of confrontationals are now removed…


gaia_energy1Forestations of confrontationals are now removed.

Next energetic phase begins.

Harbingers of Light are viewed in spectacular displays.

Concomitant releases and influxes of variant energies come forth.

hu-man awareness leaps to the Hue-level.

Rapid uplifts come for all of Gaia.

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Corporations struggling and losing grips against the energetics now on this planet


Some people say there is no change happening, well…let’s see. The days of the evil corporate giants are numbered. As the people awakened, we the people the doggone consumers let go off our support from which they thrive upon… they will fall one by one. Their harvesting on humanity begin to wain when WE say enough is enough! They can offer many excuses for their falling, like the climate change and what not, but its the energetics now present on this planet that the old ways have got to go. See below some reports of their struggles as reported by the Mainstream Media, which as we all know belongs to them.

Conoco and Shell outline billions in cuts
Fall in crude prices hits fourth-quarter results for both groups – Financial Times
Shell bows to shareholder climate demands
Company draws fire with plans to push on with Arctic drilling this summer – Financial Times
Former Sal Oppenheim bankers found guilty
Breach of trust by guilty, including two aristocrats, is ‘deserving of punishment’ says judge – FT
McDonald’s struggles to maintain empire
New chief inherits a wide range of pressing challenges worldwide – FT
Shell earnings hit by plunging oil price
Energy group outlines plans to reduce spending by $15bn – FT
Asian central bankers take the low road
From battling inflation many countries are now dealing with collapsing prices and slower growth – FT

Breaking Bad! WTI Crude Oil Falls Below $44, Inflation Keeps Dropping

West Texas Intermediate Crude oil just fell below $44. And The Fed’s 5 year forward breakeven inflation rate keeps falling with WTI crude oil prices. Is this Walter White? Or Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen? – CONTRA CORNER

P&G hit by currency devaluations
Consumer goods company misses forecasts with 31% earnings drop – FT


Singapore loosens monetary policy
City-state’s dollar suffers biggest one-day fall since 2010 as central bank takes action – FT

The Central Banks’ Cheap Money Deflation Cycle: Iron Ore Supply Soaring, China Demand Faltering, Prices &Profits Collapsing

Despite 2014’s around 50 percent decline in iron ore prices, the big four producers — Vale, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue – continue to expand production and other companies are also bringing projects on line this year, she said, forecasting Australian production will rise 6 percent this year, although that’s down from 2014’s 20 percent rise. – CONTRA CORNER

Record deflation in eurozone

Consumer prices in the eurozone fell by 0.6 percent in January due to lower energy prices and global uncertainty. It’s the biggest fall since the currency zone was established. – RT

…and there are many more where these came from






IGP orders probe on Twitter user for suggesting #MH370 conspiracy

Malay Mail Online

pray for mh370

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 — Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar today told police to investigate a Twitter user for claiming that the disappearance of flight MH370 was a conspiracy and not an accident.

Posting a screenshot of the “offending” tweet on his feed, Khalid ordered the police to find and investigate the user, who goes by the handle fazel@ollie_mollie.

“PCIRC @PDRMsia Sila kesan dan siasat ‘Fazel’ di bawah ini.” Khalid said in his tweet, without specifying what crime had been committed.

Translated, it means “PCIRC @PDRM Please track and investigate ‘Fazel’ here”.

Earlier, Fazel had claimed that the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner nearly a year ago was a conspiracy and not an accident as declared by Malaysian authorities yesterday.

“@NajibRazak jib’s not an accident, it’s a conspiracy,” he said, in response to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s tweet assuring that search efforts will continue.

In his tweet, Najib said, “Today my thoughts are with the families of those on MH 370. The search will continue. Msia, Aus and China remain committed to finding the plane.”

He was responding to the Department of Civil Aviation’s (DCA) declaration of loss of the 239 passengers and crew aboard the missing plane, barely 11 months after its mysterious disappearance on March 8 last year.

The declaration was made pursuant to International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) Chicago Convention, allowing the family members of the 239 passengers onboard to proceed with their claim for damages.

The DCA, however, assured the families of those aboard the plane that search efforts will continue.

On March 8 last year, Beijing-bound Flight MH370 disappeared with 239 people on board and remains missing till today, with months of searching failing to yield any clues of its resting place or debris.






Evo Morales: RT is voice of developing countries, peoples of the world



RT has become the voice of revolutionaries and countries that the United States would like to silence, said Bolivian leader Evo Morales, commenting on remarks by the BBG chief who compared the challenge posed by RT with those of ISIS and Boko Haram.

READ MORE: Head of US state media put RT on same challenge list as ISIS, Boko Haram

Morales was responding to comments made by Andrew Lack, the new head of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), in which he compared RT to terrorist organizations.

“When the media turns into the voice of the people, especially in the voice of revolutionaries, there are those people and the media, who will judge them and falsify the truth,” Morales told RT. “This media is the voice of the developing countries, the voice of the peoples of the world, and it deserves our admiration.”

Despite smear campaigns, misrepresentation of facts, and pure lies, such media should continue their work to “give the microphone to the peoples of the world,” he added.

READ MORE: ‘Big Brother’ should not tell us what to watch – Jesse Ventura on RT-ISIS comparison

Earlier this week, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura told RT that Lack was effectively calling for censorship.

“There should be no Big Brother telling us what we can or cannot see,” Ventura said. “If someone desires to watch RT TV and takes the opinion they don’t like, well then they merely don’t have to put it to that station.”

Lack’s statements drew backlash online, under the hashtag #NewsIsNotTerror, prompting the US State Department to distance itself from the comments.

READ MORE: State Dept disagrees with head of US state media over equation of RT with ISIS

Downplaying the “threat” RT poses to US mainstream media, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland even said the channel should be allowed to stay within America’s “truthful” media space, which is “full of dynamic truthful opinion.”




Malaysia declares #MH370 an ‘accident’

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”  – Albert Einstein

Merriam-Webster dictionary:

ac·ci·dent noun \ˈak-sə-dənt, -ˌdent; ˈaks-dənt\
: a sudden event (such as a crash) that is not planned or intended and that causes damage or injury

: an event that is not planned or intended : an event that occurs by chance

What a cocka-doodle this is…declaring an accident and making this statement:

“Both investigations are limited by the lack of physical evidence at this time, particularly the flight recorders,”


Malaysia declares MH370 an ‘accident’, airline to proceed with compensation


(Reuters) – Malaysia declared on Thursday the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 an accident, clearing the way for the airline to pay compensation to victims’ relatives while the search for the plane goes on.

The Boeing 777 aircraft (BA.N) disappeared on March 8 last year, carrying 239 passengers and crew shortly after taking off from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, bound for Beijing.

Months of searches have failed to turn up any trace.

“We officially declare Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 an accident … and that all 239 of the passengers and crew onboard MH370 are presumed to have lost their lives,” Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said in a statement.

The announcement is in accordance with standards of annexes 12 and 13 in the International Civil Aviation, said Azharuddin. It will allow families of the passengers to obtain assistance through compensation, he said.

Malaysia Airlines was ready to proceed immediately with the compensation process to the next-of-kin of the passengers on the flight, he said.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters Malaysia should settle claims with the families.

“We hope the Malaysian side honors its promises and fully investigates the incident, settling claims and making peace with the families, especially continuing to make all efforts to find the missing plane and its passengers,” Li said.

Most of the passengers on the plane were from China.

International investigators are looking into why the Boeing jet veered thousands of miles off course from its scheduled route before eventually plunging into the Indian Ocean.

The search in the Indian Ocean is still going on and Malaysia is also conducting a criminal investigation, Azharuddin said.

“Both investigations are limited by the lack of physical evidence at this time, particularly the flight recorders,” he said.

“Therefore, at this juncture, there is no evidence to substantiate any speculations as to the cause of the accident.”

Malaysia said it, China and Australia remained firmly committed to the search.

“This declaration is by no means the end,” said Azharuddin.

The DCA plans to release an interim report on the investigation into the missing jetliner on March 7, a day before the first anniversary of the disappearance, a minister said on Wednesday.

Malaysia airline’s crisis worsened on July 17 when its Flight MH17, on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.

(Reporting By Al-Zaquan Amer Hamzah and Praveen Menon, and Megha Rajagopalan in BEIJING; Editing by Robert Birsel)


Hurt and angry, MH370 families reject ‘death’ announcement – The Malaysian Insider

Malaysia’s declaration of flight MH370 as lost in an accident and the death of its passengers and crew is a “cover-up and an attempt by the government to close the case quickly”, family members and relatives of those on board say.

Chinese families of missing passengers react angrily to formal announcement of no survivors – NEWS

“Malaysia has made this announcement without any evidence,” said Jiang Hui, whose mother was on board the flight.

“It is cold, cruel, irresponsible and illegal. It takes away our only pillar of support.”

Why Malaysia Airlines is now declaring Flight 370 an ‘accident’ – AP

“There’s nothing new. The Malaysian authorities have been covering up the truth from the get-go, and they have no credibility to speak of. We are not accepting the conclusion,” said Wen Wancheng, whose son Wen Yongsheng was on board the plane.

“Because you have no evidence at all. How can you come to such a conclusion?” said Wang Chunjiang, who lost his brother Wang Chunyong. “Chinese New Year is coming up. Why did you choose now to make the announcement?”