#AirAsia #QZ8501 – Blame it on the weather


Weather blamed as ‘triggering factor’ in AirAsia crash


Bad weather was the “triggering factor” that resulted in the crash of AirAsia Flight 8501 with 162 people on board, Indonesia’s meteorological agency said, blaming probable icing after the aircraft flew into storm clouds.

“Based on the available data received on the location of the aircraft’s last contact, the weather was the triggering factor behind the accident,” said a report on the agency’s website.

“The most probable weather phenomenon was icing which can cause engine damage due to a cooling process. This is just one of the possibilities that occurred based on the analysis of existing meteorological data,” it said.- RT

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The Blame Game

The blame game is a favorite past time for humans on this planet. The game is played with the forefinger and the mantra, “I/we are okay its them or that darn thingy!

As in every game there are players and spectators. The players are forever answerable to the spectators, so we thought, which is not true. Players don’t care about the spectators! All they desire is to play the game they love. When the game gets rough and bloody they need to justify it so they apply and push the blame button. That’s it. If the spectators buy it…they will continue playing the bloody game. If not, well sorry, we’ll do better next time and try avoid the bloody aspects.

So it is with the AirAsia QZ8501. Its a game and its bloody! Now the players are pushing the blame button and crossing their fingers the spectators will buy it (again)! Mind you this is the third of the “Messing with a jetliner with human lives on board” game. They pushed the blame button on both the previous MH370 and MH17. The spectators are still in a daze and do not know what and how to react. LOL!


Here’s a tip for the spectators.

The blame the weather is the most popular in this new millennium. Its applied to every game in business, finance, stock markets, raising or introducing new tax, multimillion projects, and of course to the current game of airline disasters.

Weather? Way back then the weather is supposedly controlled (or manipulated) by god/s. So back then, when they blame the weather they have to be a bit more cautious as its literally blaming the gods. That’s not too welcomed by the religious spectators then. Now as religion is fading, its okay and more acceptable by the general spectators.

Now, in this millennium some spectators should, or most probably know that the weather can be controlled and manipulated by man. Some people may have heard about HAARP, chemtrails and some other weather manipulation technologies. So the thing a spectator should like to question when the blame the weather button is pushed is – “was it god or man who messed with the weather?

I was very surprised and pleased with the Sultan of Kelantan’s (one of the thirteen staes of the Federation of Malaysia) recent remarks on the flood disasters:

Sultan Muhammad V slams environmental wrongs

He says the public should reflect upon all the things which had been done all this time and should correct their mistakes.

“Let us extend a hand of friendship with the environment and let us be aware that all disaster problems that have occurred are the result of our own doings.” – Sultan Muhammad V

…touché !






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