2014 in perspective

“It is useful occasionally to look at the past to gain a perspective on the present” (Fabian Linden).

The adage “No news is good news” surely does not apply to the year 2014. Not only was it turbulent and filled with many news, but non of the news were good. It was all about disasters, destruction, wars, murders, diseases, and catastrophes. These negative events captured the headlines throughout 2014. They were the BIG news, which the mainstream media like CNN, Fox, BBC, ABC, etc., etc., thrived upon and filled they coffers.

mainstream media

You see, good and happy news are not good news to these media conglomerates. It won’t increase their circulations because there is no drama. As the old adage “No news is good news” means all is well, and only when its not will there be a report or news.

Personally, I am sick of all the dramas and the lies in the mainstream media (MSM). The only positive thing about all these rubbish spewed on the people is that it made the people sick and it catalyses their awakening. People are awakened to all the lies and know who are the culprits behind them. We the people know that all the disasters and catastrophes were created by the cabal elitists. The MSM owned by them are simply hailing their masters’ evil deeds and at the same time profiting from it.

Thank Thor, with the advent of the internet, there now exists another, more powerful, medium which gave birth to the Alternative Media (AM) and a fair chance for the truth to reach the people. Even on this stage the old adage doesn’t apply as the AM disclose the cabal and their MSM and all their dirty linens. Surely dirty linens aren’t good to look at or read about, but its necessary if the truth were to be told.

All in all, all said and done 2014 was one big year of disclosure of all sorts. Yes there wasn’t any good news from both the MSM and the AM. If the cabal did not exist there would not be any disasters, catastrophes, wars, diseases and the likes and there would not be any headlines and news at all. Neither would there be any kind of disclosure. It would be a quiet world where serenity prevails.

Slowly but surely, we will get the peace and quiet we yearn about and the process is on as we speak. Till then there’ll be many many more news and we’re reading them right from the first day of this new year of 2015.

I hope 2015 will bring us the really good news…about the world and the people finally attaining joy, peace and prosperity…and then there will not be any MSM or AM to jolt us anymore…the noise will disappear and it will be quiet, beautifully quiet.





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