#AirAsia listed in dangerous airlines list


World’s most dangerous airlines named: AirAsia included on list but Malaysia Airlines scores above average for safety

  • AirAsia subsidiaries on list, but Malaysia Airlines scores five out of seven 
  • Nepal Airlines and Tara Air both came bottom in a safety report
  • Afghan airline Kam Air and SCAT Airlines in Kazakhstan also named 
  • All four airlines received one star or less in seven-star safety ranking
  • Report carried out by Australian website AirlineRatings.com

A list of the most dangerous airlines in the world has been released and while AirAsia Indonesia is included, Malaysia Airlines is not.

The Malaysian carrier scored five out of a possible seven stars for its safety record, as opposed to five airlines which just manage one star.

Three AirAsia subsidiaries – in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines – were included on the list, scoring just two, three and three stars respectively.

Indonesia’s AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crashed into the Java Sea on December 28, killing all 162 people on board.

AirAsia runaway accident

Nepal Airlines and Tara Air both came bottom in a report by Australian review site AirlineRatings.com, earning just one star for safety.

The two companies were featured alongside Afghan airline Kam Air, SCAT Airlines in Kazakhstan and Lion Air in Indonesia.

The site reveals that out of the 449 airlines studied, all five airlines received one star or less in the website’s seven-star safety ranking.

Airline list

There were 149 airlines which achieved seven-stars while 58 scored six stars and almost 41 had just three stars or less.

All five of the most dangerous airlines listed are banned in the European Union Member States and ‘strongly advised against’ in the United States.

For all its problems with two tragic flights in 2014, Malaysia Airlines earned five out of seven stars.

The airline was involved in two major crashes last year when Flight MH370 went missing in March 2014 carrying 239 people.


That plane is still missing without a trace. The flight is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean. In July 2014, MH17 was hit by a missile as they it was flying over the Ukraine during its battle with Russia. It killed 298 people on-board.

In comparison, the airlines that received just one star have experienced a high number of accidents.

In 2005 Kam Air Flight 904 travelling from Herat International Airport in western Afghanistan, vanished from radar screens on approach to Kabul International Airport in poor weather.

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