World banks now broadcasting coming collapse of currencies

Gregory Mannarino

Mannarino: ‘World banks now broadcasting coming collapse of currencies’


Become your own central bank

(INTELLIHUB) — We all need to get out of currency and into another assets before it all falls.

“Not only do they continue to slash interest rates but they are going negative”, said Gregory Mannarino in his most recent video posted on YouTube.

So what does this tell us?

“They [central banks] are broadcasting to the world that their currency is becoming worth less. […] the currency that they are giving us is losing value.”, Mannarino said.

So at this point why would we want to hold that currency if the banks are telling us “straight out” that the currency has no “purchasing power”?

Get into “precious metals”, you will be “betting against the debt”, Mannarino urged, going on to talk about how the banks are actually “broadcasting what they are doing”.


David Stockman

Today’s “Dip” Is A Warning—-Get Out Of The Casino!

So last Thursday’s CHF massacre happened because it was not supposed to happen!  That is, financial markets are no longer honest, rational, stable or independent; they are merely gambling hall subsidiaries of the central banks where most of the punters still believe that the latter will not permit risk asset prices to fall for more than a day or two or funding costs to rise unexpectedly.

The reason that the casino has become so stupendously dangerous, therefore, is that the whole financial house of cards—including vastly over-valued asset prices of every kind and insanely extended leverage like the CHF currency speculations—all depend on maintenance of confidence in central bank competence and omnipotence.

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