Earth Timeline mechanics, Matrix (astral timeline) creation mechanics


flat earth


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Could The Fifth Dimension And New Earth Be A Trap?

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

Earth is working for humanity to be freed from the astral realms by not allowing the pole “shift” to take place. A “shift” in consciousness will put us on a “positive” timeline again, which is part of the yin/yang astral timeline loop. For those who are done with this experience, what we really need to do is gather our multidimensional/astral being lifetimes and join together as one soul again, completely connected to Source. This soul will then move through the stargate within the planet that is connected to Source, where the personality and all experiences remain intact. Earth has chosen the organic timeline over an astral loop cycle and we can join her by making the informed decision to so with our free will. – Read more







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