Dark days turn darker for HSBC as profits dive

…a Heinous & Sinful Banking Corporation [HSBC] that it is… with a series of immoral and criminal acts for the past 150 years, it seems not to ever end and as a Too-Big-To-Jail bank, it got away each and every time with only meager fines…will it gets away this time? 



…the mood has darkened at its 45-floor headquarters in London’s Canary Wharf. With its public reputation already battered by a tax-evasion scandal at its Swiss private bank, HSBC reported a sharp drop in pre-tax profits on Monday that sent its shares tumbling.

How serious is this for the bank that will this year celebrate the 150th anniversary of its creation in Asia — the region that still generates the vast majority of its profits?


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LONDON — Already forced to apologize for helping clients hide their income from tax authorities, HSBC had to explain on Monday why its chief executive went to lengths for years to hide his bonus, at least from his co-workers. – New York Times





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