Suffering in silence, DCA man wants to talk about #MH370


A DCA deputy director is ready to break his silence on his wife's 
disappearance on board flight MH370

Nathan and wifePETALING JAYA: On January 29, the announcement by the Department of Civil Aviation’s (DCA) director general that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370′s disappearance on March 8, 2014, was an “accident” provoked anger among relatives of passengers on board the crashed plane.

While they vented their anger, DCA deputy director with air traffic management, VPR Nathan, was forced to stay silent about his wife, Anne Daisy, who was also on board MH370, due to the nature of his job reported The Malay Mail.

Currently on secondment with the International Civil Aviation Organisation based in China, Nathan, 58, who has been with DCA for 30 years, was devastated when his 56-year-old wife vanished along with the plane while on the way to visit him.

His two daughters, Grace Subathirai, 27, and Azelia Shalini, 22, were also forced to stay in the background following the disappearance of their mother.

But Grace, had continued to support the families of the other 238 victims through her work with support group, Voice 370.

She said throughout the trying time, she had never revealed that her father was with the DCA.

“He has been suffering in silence and needs to speak up and to get it out of him,” revealed Grace who hinted that her father would probably make his first public statement soon following clearance from the authorities.

She disclosed that it had been a very tiring and painful period for her family, as her father was unable to play an active role due to his job.

Although Grace said the family was prepared to accept whatever God had determined, they wanted closure.

“We will not accept that the aircraft is missing and cannot be found,” she said adding that there were many grey areas which needed to be addressed, and they were still looking for answers.

Furthermore, Grace pointed out that 60,000 sq km search area had yet to be covered, and even then the search had to continue because if it was stopped, it would be an “aviation mystery”.

“That cannot happen. A precedent will be set and in the future, if there are any aviation mishaps, cases will be closed without answers.”

Grace and her family had planned to create more awareness through a remembrance day on March 8 at a shopping complex.

“We want to make it known that today, we are the ones suffering and tomorrow, it could be anyone and we do not want them to go through the same fate,” she remarked.

pray for mh370





One thought on “Suffering in silence, DCA man wants to talk about #MH370

  1. This was even harder for Mr Nathan having to front for angry Chinese MH370 relatives at Beijing briefings on MH370. As I mentioned to Grace, although Government agencies should find MH370, I suspect it will ultimately be down to private citizens.

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