Malaysia – Masked men reveal plot to ‘blow up’ Police Chief

Malay Mail Online

Weeks after threat against judiciary, masked men reveal plot to ‘blow up’ IGP

Three Masked men

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 — A band of masked men has threatened to kill Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, just a couple of weeks after several individuals claiming to be Islamic State members said they will set off firecrackers at Malaysian courthouses.

Three masked individuals speaking under the banner of Anak Malaysia Anti Demokrasi claimed in a one-minute and 27 second video clip posted on Facebook yesterday that they intend to assassinate Khalid by blowing up his car.

The spokesman for the group, speaking in a modulated voice, condemned high-ranking officials in Malaysia for “cheating democracy” and claimed that the existing system would not bring better officials to the country.

“Can Malaysians change the Election Commission’s chairman through democracy? Can they change the national chief justice through democracy? Can they change the IGP through democracy?” the spokesman said in the video, posted on a Facebook account under the name Ameno World.

“We, Anak Malaysia Anti Demokrasi, declare that we will kill the IGP and bomb his car. This would cause those in the government to be afraid for cheating democracy.”

The video depicted all three of the masked individuals seated at a table, with a Malaysian flag behind them and two toy cars among other items on the table.

The group ended the video by lighting one of the toy cars on fire, accompanied by sounds of explosions, to symbolise their threat.

The police have yet to respond to queries from Malay Mail Online regarding the latest video.

On February 15, a video surfaced on YouTube of four masked men, claiming to be members of the Islamic State, threatening to throw firecrackers at Malaysian courthouses to symbolise their loss of faith in democracy.

In the video by “isis malaysia 69”, the four individuals garbed in black were seen in front of the Malaysian flag. Three are standing, with one holding up what appears to be a molotov cocktail, while the fourth man is seated at a table with three more molotov cocktails and appears to be reading from a script.

Police have since detained two university students in connection with the video, which was panned by social media users as a hoax.


IGP shot deadIn June 1974, two men gunned down IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim in a narrow lane in Kuala Lumpur.

Source: Chronicle of Malaysia















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