Malaysia – Of idiosyncrasies, contradictions…petrol price hike and decrease prices of goods…

… a new business/economic model?…am I missing something here?

The Star Online


SHAH ALAM: The new petrol prices for the month of March will take effect from 12.01am, Sunday, said Domestic Trade Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Hasan Malek (pic).

Hasan did not specify whether prices would go up, although speculation is rife consumers could see an increase of 10 or 20 sen per litre.

“I will announce it when the time comes and we’ll be announcing the new price tonight,’’ Hasan told a press conference at Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad’s Lebih Nilai, Lagi Hebat promotion on Saturday.

Hasan, however, assured the public that the Government would continue to protect the interest of consumers.

“Whatever happens and whatever announcement we make tonight, the nationwide price decrease campaign will continue,’’ he added.

The Government will launch a nationwide campaign on Mar 1, promoting the price decrease of essential goods. (…and starting with a 25 cents petrol price increase will bring prices of goods down?…yeah, right!)

Hasan also reiterated that it was not the cost of petrol that solely dictated the market price of essential goods as there were other factors such as demand and supply that determined prices.

BN = Bloody Nonsense





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