Malaysian inferno

….and they’re not bush fires they’re infernos. The govern-me_nt fire-fighting depart-ment is too small, weak and ill-equipped. They’re roasted!


‘Govt has too many fires to put out’


With the rakyat clamouring for answers to many outstanding issues, it is inevitable that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has to finally provide the answers.

He cannot remain silent in the face of the onslaught of questions.

A KL taxi driver with an elephant’s memory has asked the Prime Minister whether the marine police officer kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf off the coast of Sabah in mid-July last year has been rescued.

“I read the online news portals every night but I may somehow have missed the news about this police officer. I certainly hope that he has been freed,” commented the taxi driver.

He added that one thing for sure is that the PM has yet to set a date to meet the G25 group of eminent Malays who wrote to him requesting a meeting to discuss matters of interest to the nation.

All 30 persons interviewed by this writer expressed disappointment with PM Najib for his perpetual habit of jumping from one issue to the next without solving the previous one.

“Only concerning 1MDB – I see that he is taking serious steps to answer the public,” opined a tea merchant in Chinatown, KL, adding that Malaysia’s image has been affected due to terrorist activities, rising crime rate, human trafficking and dengue.

(Dengue deaths for January and February this year totalled 61 and if this were to continue, it is possible to hit 365 by year’s end.)

A snack seller in Chinatown remarked that the government seemed overwhelmed to the extent of losing focus in the face of too many problems  – akin to trying to put out too many fires at one go.

All the interviewees felt that ever since the conclusion of the 13th General Election, Malaysia’s image has nosedived due to the increasing voices of extremism and the clamping down of democracy.

“Problems are just ignored, forgotten or swept under the carpet. This is certainly bad administration. Where is good governance?” asked a law firm clerk.

A fruit seller said that the government has failed to furnish clear-cut and transparent answers with regards to the nation’s economy, except to say that we are not facing a crisis.

“In the meantime, what about the fall in the value of the ringgit?” asked the latter.





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