Is The China Led AIIB the new Bretton Woods?

…I bet…

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Album_no_respectThe title for this post is a rhetorical question, as we expect a hyped public mass media staged event of a international agreement to be announced after a summit such as G20, BRICS or similar institutional body of fraud and deception to “Officially” roll out the new international monetary system.
Yet, what this reveals to me is that the plans (agreements at previous summits) for structural reforms and foreign direct investments have been carried out as commanded for the shift from West to East nears completion.
A replacement to the almighty Dollar’s unilateral role as the international reserve currency for the monetary system is reformed to accept the Renminbi (RMB) full convertibility as a world reserve currency.
The world stage is so comical that I wonder if the U.S. asked to join the AIIB that the U.S. could embarrassingly be denied membership.
I miss the humor of “I get no…

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