Malaysia – Who can save our country? – Nawawi Mohamad

Malaysian Insider


With Datuk Seri Najib Razak as prime minister, our country’s funds are going down the drain and the government is spending our money like nobody’s business. This is because it is neither his money nor his inheritance! Surely he would think twice when spending his own money and his inheritance.

But the main reason why Najib has a free hand on spending our money is because there are still many people, especially the voters, who continue voting Umno/BN into power, in every general election, 13 GEs so far!

Of course, they are in the minority but somehow with some manipulation under the veil of democracy, Umno/BN managed to stay in power.

Knowing that the Umno/BN is a minority government, Najib has been quick to consolidate power by empowering his sycophants, from the civil service, within the government and outside. And getting support from a few members of the opposition has been a huge bonus to his power. Thus, Najib is now almost invincible.

Now, who can challenge Najib? So far there is nobody who can stop Najib from ruining the country. There have been criticisms by many influential and prominent people with the most powerful being Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who needs no introduction, yet nothing has changed and Najib keeps on spending and wasting our money.

The problem with those criticising Najib is that most of them are no better than him. Najib can always reply back to his critics, “Look, who is talking!”

Najib has no sincere intention to improve things in the country. Whatever transformation initiatives are nowhere really successful physically and many have failed. Of course, on paper everything is fine and Malaysians are living in heaven.

Najib is only playing a sandiwara all along for the foolish people to watch and be entertained. The 48.6% of them had been had and the most pathetic thing about them is that they do not realise that they had been had.

But one thing is sure, Najib would never let his wife down and will always make her happy. Or rather Najib has to make his wife happy because she can do a lot of damage to him.

What about the opposition? Is the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) still relevant? Unfortunately for the 51.4% voters who voted for PR, you have been had too.

Just watch the destruction of PR day by day. PR leader are simply foolish and hopeless. They are like the marathon runners who ultimately managed to be at the front of the race yet after reaching just a few meters to the end of the race; they start to hit each other ensuring that none of them would cross the finishing line.

Forget opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim because as much as his supporters wish him to be free and continue leading PR, Najib would not want him to be free and revive his political life. Get someone else to lead.

As for PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, he has his own agenda and not necessarily in the best interest of the country and the people.

Lately, Lim Kit Siang has been ridiculous. When it is the democratic right for PAS to table the hudud enactment in Kelantan and Parliament, why is LKS making so much noise? Let PAS table it and wait and see, if not Umno, the numbers will sum up the answer.

If LKS is worried on the hudud being imposed on non-Muslims as reported, the Amended Kelantan Hudud Act 2015 has clearly stated that it is only applicable to Muslims. By the way, why is LKS so worried as if the 28 million of us are hardcore criminals.

So with nobody to remove Najib from power, all the efforts to remove him have failed, the opposition leaders are hopeless, the 48.6% voters unaware of anything and the remaining 51.4% being let down by the PR, who can save Malaysia from the incompetent Najib? – March 25, 2015.



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