McDonalds caught funding truth jihad


Ronald expected to "come out" for 9/11 truth soon

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Treasonous deception has spread its dark shadow across the land. Some of America’s most beloved individuals and institutions have been deeply compromised.

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Our politicians and statesmen cannot be trusted.
So…who CAN we trust?

How about McDonalds, America’s iconic fast food chain?

Mac Islam

Ronald’s famous Golden Arches scream out “USA” with more worldwide recognition than any other symbol including the stars and stripes. From Akron to Albania, from Versailles to Vladivostok, from Tierra del Fuego to Timbuktu, the golden arches rise majestically, emblems of the imperial hegemony of American consumer culture and mass-produced hamburgers.So it is with a heavy heart that I report the disconcerting news: McDonalds is helping fund a radical Muslim plot to blow up America with a “truth bomb.”

I write these words from the McDonalds restaurant in Osceola, Iowa, where I am drinking their 65-cent “senior coffee” despite my tender young age of, shall we say, somewhat less than 65. A somewhat slightly little bit less, anyway.

By giving me such a cheap price on 16 ounces of their relatively drinkable cofee (relative to what’s available in nearby gas stations), and then letting me plug in my laptop and use their internet for hours on end, McDonalds is openly subsidizing my “Truth Jihad” in general – and my We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo book tour in particular.

I will be speaking this evening (Tuesday) in Kansas City’s biggest mosque. Then on Wednesday I will speak in the biggest mosque in St. Louis. I will be explaining to my fellow Muslims that January’s Charlie Hebdo PR stunt in Paris was just the latest in a series of false flag attacks perpetrated by the enemies of Islam, designed to smear Islam and trigger the mass murder of Muslims. And I will do my best to incite the Muslims of Kansas City, St. Louis, and everywhere else to rise up against the shameful Big Lie of the neocon-Zionist-fabricated “war on terror” and wage all-out truth jihad™.

And it’s all McDonalds’ fault.

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