Malaysia – In dire straits

Malaysia have had its fair share of ups and downs and worriment since its inception on August 31, 1957. She carried the “Blue Baby Syndrome”. Right at birth she had to deal with communist threats. The Emergency period was a big struggle for the founding fathers as they had to deal with communist insurgencies instead of developments. Almost quite immediately in 1963 she was engaged in the Malaysia-Indonesia Confrontation. Before she could recuperate she faced racial tensions and it blew up in the infamous “May 13” riots in 1969.

All these “adventures” caused a great delay in the progress and development for a very young nation. Stability finally came in the 70s and it started off with the overdue Rural Development program. This relatively stable and peaceful period was slightly shaken by a terrorist group called the Japanese Red Army (JRA) when they attacked the US Embassy in 1975.

Gradually modernization kicked-in in the early 80s and prosperity came to visit and Malaysians never looked back. Of course hiccups occur here and there whilst progress set in and like any teenager she poked her finger at everything that her creative and inquisitive mind could possibly offer.

As Malaysians prosper and attain affluence they tend to have more time to delve in activities which their grand and great-grandfathers were deprived of. Politics takes a different tune and purpose. In the old days politics was all about freeing the people from enslavement, and working towards their collective prosperity. The respective race-based political parties UMNO / MCA / MIC and their respective leaders were fully focused into these aspects until lately.

The current UMNO ‘leadership’ under Najib Razak misleads and creates dissent. With strings of misdeeds and misadventures, he and his band of merrymen are displaying their true colors in full arrogance and totally disregard and disrespect the very people they’re supposed to lead.  They emptied the nation’s coffers and transferred public funds into their own and their hoodlums’ pockets. They robbed the citizens by levying the dreaded GST, and simultaneously increased prices of petrol and highway tolls.

They’ve become a bunch of angry ruffians just because their misconducts and frauds have been exposed. They’ve lost their minds, dignities and humanity to cling on to power. It’s a do-or-die situation for them, and they’re willing to bring down the country with them at all cost.

It’s a very dangerous situation!

Death by politics

We have gone through almost 20 years of heightened political drama, but have been deprived of the order and long-term developmental policies that politics is ultimately meant to bring to the people it serves.

Throughout Malaysian history, politicking has only succeeded in setting our country back from meeting its fullest potential. – Read more at The Malaysian Insider

Should Najib resign?

Personally, yes. He has tarnished the office of prime minister with his continued failure in doing the one thing he had to do: lead. – Hafidz Baharom

…All I can say is, this government was led by an ineffectual leader and an even worse cabinet that has led to the exhaustion of their political capital built up in the past 60 years, all spent up in the last decade. – Read more at The Malaysian Insider

Malaysians are getting restless as their patience are up to their noses. The elders have been sedated for the past 57 years and seem to be confused with what to do. The younger generations, however are more awake than the elders and they know and understand the current turmoil and they have their own visions. They are now rising, which they should and are making a move to determine their own future.

najib undur

The older generations are dysfunctional and are left only with old defunct ideas. We have only the young ones like Adam Adli to carry the flag. Its time for the old to stand aside and support their sons and daughters … if they wish to see Malaysia out of the dire straits.

“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo



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