2015 September Emergency Prep Review

“A heart well prepared for adversity in bad times hopes, and in good times fears for a change in fortune.” – Horace

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Emergency Preparedness Checklist
No fear.
Be prepared, as in forecasting the approaching Hurricane storm or volcano eruption or martial law.

“Fortune favors the preparedmind.” – Louis Pasteur

None of these steps will have long-term consequences if a devastating calamity doesn’t occur.
I imagine our survival and not a doom scenario.
However, preparations and a clear thought of where your immediate assets, supplies and exits are, in case of power grid failure, flooding, atmosphere contamination, bank closures (All digital money stops), and traffic congestion could make the difference to you and your family’s survival in the event of a major emergency.

“No-one saw this coming.”


Every community and family need to have a emergency/crisis discussion and plan.
In a scenario where the power grid fails, power at home is an issue easily addressed with batteries, candles, backup generators, and more. Obviously internet access could be disrupted, thus radio and shortwave access…

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