Malaysia – I’d be damed if I ain’t at the #Bersih4!

I made a few arrangements with some friends to go and ended going with my dear wife and her colleagues. That’s how it is and meant to be.

The irony, or rather a pleasant surprise how the whole experience turned out for me is that, I was in the beginning fully charged with energy to participate in a collective to clean the mess Malaysia is currently in…ended up in just pure joy and fun.

The husband and wife couple are my wife’s colleagues and they are simply wonderful cheery kinda apolitical people. Walking from home towards the Sogo Point which is one of the five gathering spots, the lady colleague was in such high spirit and to her its just about participating for the first time, and kept saying its all for fun. And I thought surely she could be more serious than that, and when we arrived at the gathering the huge YELLOW cladded crowd was already there and suddenly I started to feel the ‘fun’


The energy there was so great and ecstatic. The seriousness and the so called cause of the event disappeared in me, and I was simply amazed looking at everyone. I see my fellow humans and everyone is greeting each other, talking to one another, touching and laughing! Wow it gave me goosebumps and I felt my vibrations rose and felt so so glad to be amongst people.

Bersih 4

Yes there is a cause in Bersih 4, yes people are gathering on pretty serious national issues and yes it is the prime objective of this event.

Bersih 4 Rally

The gathering is a great success and victory for the people. The objective is met.

And I gained much more than that, I get to be with people. I feel in touch with fellow beings!

I feel great, recharged and energized!

The event is still on while I’m writing this, and I will drop in again a bit later to see the closing…I’d be damned if I were to miss it!

More news and images of Bersih 4 :-

Bersih4 aerial view

Mahathir LRT



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