Malaysia – …of #MH370, flaperon, Aircraft carrier, and Jet fighters

After more than a year of futile search for the missing MH370, a load full of rubbish were seen scattered in the Indian Ocean around Reunion Island in early-August. And guess what…a flaperon was retrieved amongst the piles.

MH370 flapperon

That metal piece was quickly sent to France for further investigations and lab test. But…

MH370 Update: Boeing Parts Supplier Unsure Of Flaperon’s Link To Missing Malaysia Airliner


Malaysian troubled PM Najib had found the perfect event to redirect the masses away from his predicaments and issued a press release that the flaperon is confirmed as belonged to the ill-fated MH370


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak adjusts his glasses before confirming the debris found on Reunion Island is from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. – Reuters pic, August 6, 2015. – The Malaysian Insider


Ho ho ho, and then…France refuted and said that the flaperon is NOT sure from MH370

CNN report

French Report: Investigators Can’t Link Reunion Flaperon to MH370

Meanwhile the general Malaysian public were not convinced and the families of MH370 too were furious with the unending lies from the Malaysian government.

MH370 families

MH370 suspense as France stays silent, and Malaysia says strange things

The whole episode was quickly downplayed as its becoming farcical. Weeks later the Malaysian media reported yet another weird news about the Malaysian government is probably purchasing a aircraft carrier. WHAT? Malaysia don’t even have that much aircrafts to begin with!


Oh!…OK no aircrafts?… err… we’ll buy some (from the French) said the Minister of Defence Hishamuddin.

Malaysia says reviewing French proposal for Rafale fighter jets

As expected Malaysians were in aghast….and…and…came in the French Defence Minister Le Drian for a visit and talks?

Le Drian Malaysian visit

Le Drian flew into a Malaysian airbase  on Monday with a high-level parliamentary and industry team, dubbed the French export team, and went on to meet Prime Minister Najib Razak and Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein. – Defense News

The rest is history as they say. France confirmed the flaperon found in the Indian Ocean indeed belonged to MH370!

The Star Online

Voila! The whole flip-flap-flaperon deal is reported to be worth RM3.5 Billion!

Malaysia to pay RM3.5b for French warship


Merci beaucoup !



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