Benjamin Fulford’s ‘New Middle-East’

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Mid-East map

Pretty much all fellow dissidents I’m in contact with don’t take Benjamin Fulford seriously at all. His White Dragon and Anti-Zionist Ninja stories are way beyond what even the biggest conspiracy buffs in the truth industry would even consider to be possibly true.

One fellow dissident and friend of mine, John de Nugent, hits the nail on the head. “Half-Jew Fulford has been spreading happy stories for seven years. None of the stuff he kept predicting ever came true. He’s opium for anti-Zionists.”

Lots of fellow dissidents consider Fulford to be Sorcha Faal style disinfotainment, but just as it’s the case with all quality disinformation, there is always some truth perls mixed with all the phantasies.

benjaminIf Benjamin Fulford was accurate with his assessment in yesterday’s article, Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as Fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender, I certainly would not complain. I’m not holding my breath though, for certain, but quite frankly, this time I think Fulford might be right.

His site is for subscribers only, so I can’t republish it in full. However, I can summarise his most important points and explain why I’m thinking it could be true.

What Fulford is saying is that the United States has turned against Israel. It has entered a coalition with Russia and Iran to put an end to the Jews-only state. At first sight, this makes no sense, does it? However, have a closer look at what Fulford says. He’s saying that Russia has technology that puts the rogue Zionist regime under a “electromagnetic cordon sanitaire.” They can’t use their planes or warships. The Samson option is no longer an option. This would explain why the Zio scum is not doing more militarily to protect its mercenary army ISIS from being bombed into pieces.

We know that the Russians have the technology for it. Not so long ago, they have forced the US Navy out of the Black Sea. There were reports in the media of all electronic shutting down on American warship when being overflown by Russian Migs, causing US officers to have nervous breakdowns and resign.

A similar no-go-zone seems to have been established not so long ago in the Persian Gulf. American warship reportedly left the area recently, which can only have two reasons: a rapprochement between Iran and the United States or the Russians helping the Iranians with their electronics to drive the US navy out.

This is the first time in my life that I think that maybe the Antarctic based 4th Reich does exist and isn’t just a pipedream of some hallucinating National Socialists. Maybe it exists after all and has provided Russia with the technology it needs to rid the world of the Rothfilth scum. Time will tell.

According to Fulford, both the Israeli and the Saudi regime will be dissolved. What makes me think that he might be right are the recent military attacks by Yemen against Saudi Arabia. Anybody familiar with the differences in military strength between those two countries, will realise that Yemen on its own could not possibly win an armed conflict against Saudi Arabia, a country that is armed to the teeth, just like Israel.

Somebody must be helping Yemen, and it can’t just be Russia and Iran. Those three countries combined might have the military strength to overpower Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi kingdom is a strategic partner of the United States and Russia and Iran wouldn’t take the risk of dragging the United States into the conflict just for the sake of stealing a few oil fields from the Saudis. The United States must have abandoned its support for its Saudi partners.

Fulford says, there are two “New Middle-Easts” on the drawing board. One, a pan-Islamist superstate with some kind of self-administrated Jewish reservation, and the other a new version of the Ottoman and Persian empire, drawn along the Sunni and Shia dividing line. The final decision between both models is supposedly going to be made on the upcoming 12-day (!) climate summit in Paris starting on 30 November where Putin is going to meet 100 other heads of state.

Russian air crash cartoon

‘Dangers of Russian low-cost airlines, I should have taken Air Cocaine’, says the left cartoon; ‘IS: Russian aviation is intensifying bombardments’, says the right one (Photo: Twitter)

What’s even more fascinating about Fulford’s analysis is that – according to him – not only Israel but also the Rothschild and the Bush crime families are going to be cut to size. The celebration of the ISIS shut-down of the Russian airline in Rothschild owned Charlie Hebdo, leaves the impression that this conflict is just as much about the Rothschilds as it is about Israel. That’s not surprising since without the Rothfilth there wouldn’t be that pesky Jews-only state.

Bush Sr.

According to Fulford the Bush’s are trying to cut their losses by blaming Cheney and Rumsfeld for the crimes of George W. Bush. They have been cut off both their opium and their cocaine income stream and now can no longer afford any longer to pay for their massive body guard army, protecting them from being hung for their crimes, nor can they keep financing Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign.

Fulford points out that even the US Jewish community seems to be seeing the writings on the wall. For the first time ever has a major Jewish organisation in the country dared to criticise the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians, not just any Jewish organisation, but the biggest “Reformed Jewish” organisation in the country.

As I said, I’m not holding my breath. But Fulford’s analysis has a lot of merit, the closer you look. Christmas might be coming early this year after all.

Christmas Carol 2015

[Sung to the tune of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer”]

Bibi the Ziotard Assclown
Had some very shiny nukes.
And all the whole world knew that
They were manned by Zealot kooks.

All of the UN leaders
used to frown and call him names.
They wouldn’t let poor Bibi
play his whole world conquest games!

Then one creepy Blood Moon eve,
Satan came to say,
(Blehh, in his G-string!)
“Bibi with your nukes so bright,
Won’t you bomb Iran tonight?”

Then how the whole world loathed him…
And shouted in unity,
“Bibi the Ziotard Assclown ,
You’ll go down in infamy!!!”



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