True blood, good and able Malaysians coming to the fore!

Yes! These are new true blood, good and able Malaysians. Not the stereo ex-politicians, ex-civil servants type. These rising stars are emerging from the silent majority. I am pleased…there is hope for Malaysia!


Tun Ismail’s grandson crusades for the Constitution

He’s against the conservative far right and the anti-establishment 
far left dictating to the people.

Tariq Ismail

KUALA LUMPUR: A grandson of a former Deputy Prime Minister, who describes himself as a constitutionalist, has appealed to others like-minded to join him in signing a Petition upholding the Federal Constitution and seeking elsewhere necessary reforms so that both the conservative far right and the anti-establishment far left would not dictate to the people.

“If anyone thinks that force is good, I cannot agree,” said Tariq Ismail. “I will challenge. Whatever grievances we have, let’s air them in the open.”

“It’s only fair that all of us be heard.”

He argued that laws separate people from beasts. “The criminal does not want freedom. He’s only interested in lining his pocket.”

“Therefore, let’s demand our rights justly. We must unite now or perish eventually.”

Tariq was begging to differ with Perkasa which has demanded that Tawfiq Ismail, his uncle and son of Tun Dr Ismail, apologise or face dire consequences. “This is wrong. He did not question the sanctity of Islam. He merely questioned a man-made structure within which there have been reports about misinterpretations of the law and also abuse of power.”

Tariq pointed out that the dispute between Jakim and Tawfiq concerns not only Muslims but non-Muslims as well. “Many non-Muslims already feel that an institution like Jakim was capable one day of overstepping its boundaries and dictating to them. It (Jakim dictating) is forbidden by law. They should not do this.”

Delving into the matter further, he charged that the Syariah Court as a case in point does not uphold justice, as those with money and influence have corrupted the sanctity of the institution. “Where’s the justice when a Muslim who cannot afford is unable to defend himself effectively?” he asked. “It’s like the system has been bent to exclude the needy and downtrodden. This is not Islam.”

Returning to the crux of the dispute between Tawfiq and Perkasa over Jakim, Tariq reiterated that institutions are man-made and it was perfectly reasonable to call for them to be abolished if found to be defective. Alternatively, he held, “we can evolve into an institution that properly upholds Allah’s Will and the Prophet’s message.”

He hastened to add that he wasn’t about starting a war with Perkasa but to use the opportunity to advocate “an era of new discussion”.

Tariq, elsewhere, went on to lament that the country was in a bad state, a land full of fools, and that the Malays no longer have charismatic leaders and there was bribery and corruption. Two notorious examples, he added, were the twin mega scandals, the 1MDB scandal and the related RM2.6 billion political “donation” which allegedly entered Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s personal accounts just before the General Election, the 13th, in 2013. “Nothing is being done about these scandals, to bring them to a closure.”


Do we need Big Brother?

Tawfik Ismail is one such Malay. He recently told the press that Jakim seemed to serve no other purpose than to intervene in the lives of Malaysians, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, and should therefore by dissolved. He pointed out that there are other government departments that exist to handle the job given to Jakim.

Tawfik went on to say that the government should have no say in any area of Muslim life, claiming that Jakim’s habit of finding faults in the Muslim community was standing in the way of national integration. Read more….



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