The Slaves That We Are

What do you mean “I am a slave?” The usual reaction of a slave. Isn’t that pathetic?

If you dissolve the universal contract between the Creator and the created, and declare man the master of the universe, you open the door to all manner of corruption and imbalance. Man’s inner being and his higher nature are then denied any reality, and will in any case be smothered in the scramble to get what you can, fueled by the underlying anxiety out there, get a job, make some money. BE somebody. (USURY The Instrument Of World Enslavement – The End Of Economics – 1989)

I’m prompted to write this essay after reading this in the local paper:

UPSR 7As scorer aims for a good life for mum

KLANG: Kirthana Logarajah may only be 12 but she clearly understands the role she has to play to provide her single parent mother a good life in future.


“I have to do well in my studies and be in a good profession to give my mother all the things she does not have now,” said Kirthana who scored 7 As for the UPSR examination. – The Malay Mail

I feel for Kirthana, a filial piety and her dreams. What’s so sad and bad about that? Its all good and beautiful actually. What’s sad is to see her entrapped in a slavery system. And what’s more sad is she doesn’t know. Its not her fault. Its the family curse.

Define, don’t be defined

Before tackling the topic of usury, i.e. interest debt and zero worth money, we must put it in context. Most importantly, we want to place it in a context that is of our own defining. This is of fundamental importance, because the dominant place of the usurers has enabled them – through their high-tech network of money, markets and media – to impose their definitions upon the rest of humankind. We think of the problem, and the solution in predefined terms that are not of our own choosing. If we continue to remain within their sphere of meaning we will be trapped, unable to make any changes. The first steps that must be taken towards change and freedom are steps of defining. (USURY The Instrument Of World Enslavement – The End Of Economics – 1989)

For the beautiful Kirthana, life has been defined for her. Brought up by her loving single-parent mother who slogged and toiled to bring her up, and to make sure as best she could that little Kirthana would have a better and more prosperous life than she ever had.

What is prosperity? Everyone should know that you’d say. Yeah, I’m sure. The defined version, from the word ‘prosper‘ :


As defined, we all build our lives around achieving ‘prosperity‘. Go to school, get a degree, get a good paying job and you’re all set to prosper.

I grew in the 50’s and went through the same routine. In some form and manner I’ve achieved ‘prosperity‘, but that era is gone for the present young ones. The (financial) system is dwindling and its foreclosing. Call it cyclic if you wish as its been presented as cycles of ups and downs. Know that the cycles have stopped. There is no upturn this time. I hate doing this showing of financial graphs and economic figures, but it does shows the realities of the current world economy. If good economy offers prosperity for the people, then what’s going on out there simply means that ‘prosperity’ is not in the offing anymore.

The word ‘economy‘ means different things to different people. Forget the formal academic Adam Smith mambo-jumbo, let’s just stick to the layman’s general version which is simply about improving the living conditions of people in their everyday life. For the man-in-the-street, economics even includes and/or inter-twined with finances, banks, businesses and employments.

For most people life revolves around the economics as they understand it. Life is good when the economy is good and vice versa.

In that order people believe that they must work hard and excel for their dreams to come true. Not knowing any better and without looking any deeper they proceed on the stage-of-life which they’re on and which it has been for their parents and grand-parents. Neither do they know, nor bothered to know how ‘the system‘ works. If it worked for their parents and grand-parents it would surely work for them. So they think. This belief is also perpetuated by the given thoughts that there is no other way and that ‘the system‘ with its ‘natural‘ cycles of ups-and-downs is everlasting.

What’s really sad is that they do not know that the whole system is a Ponzi scheme where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, on a very uneven playing field. The casino was created by the banksters and left no chance for gamers to win at all. The trick is the illusion of chance. So people like little Kirthana and her mother work hard to get the chance. Little do they know its all a trick and that nothing is what they think is.

The only business of the casino is churning out a product called ‘debt‘. The whole machinery is being worked and lubricated by slaves (in debts).

Here are some data which should give even the sleepy heads a clear picture of debt being a BIG business and the ONLY business on Earth.



All countries are in big debts, which is translated as everyone in every country is in debt. Its the people who pay the National Debt, not the so called governments.

This is everyone’s hidden primary debt which everyone pays through income tax, goods and services tax, import taxes, other taxes, licenses, stamp fees and permits. In your ‘prosperity‘ you’d pay more as you earn and spend, and that’s why you’re encouraged to ‘prosper’.

The other BIG business of debts:

Junk bondsWhat Is a Junk Bond?
From a technical viewpoint, a junk bond is exactly the same as a regular bond. Junk bonds are an IOU from a corporation or organization that states the amount it will pay you back (principal), the date it will pay you back (maturity date) and the interest (coupon) it will pay you on the borrowed money.

By way of contrast, the bond bubble is now well over $199 trillion in size. And if we were to include credit instruments that trade based on bonds, we’re well north of $600 trillion.

Not only is this exponentially larger than global GDP (~$80 trillion), but because of the structure of the banking system the implications of this bubble are truly systemic in nature…

Globally, the sovereign bond market is $58 trillion in size. 

The investment grade sovereign bond market (meaning sovereign bonds for countries with credit ratings above BBB) is around $53 trillion. And if you’re talking about countries with credit ratings of A or higher, it’s only $43 trillion.

This is the ultimate backstop for over $700 trillion in derivatives.

 – Phoenix Capital Research

So you see, all the other businesses in the real economy like manufacturing, tradings, transportation, etc., are simply consciously/unconsciously creating debts for the banksters. Most if not all businesses are into borrowings for whatever reasons to operate or expand. It cascades down to people like you and I (looking for the elusive prosperity) being enslaved by employments, earn, spend and borrow to keep the system running. Then there is the Military Industrial Complex and the war business, but that’s another story for another time.

The system is collapsing and its designed that way taking on the debt route. You can read about the imminent collapse of the financial system by the financial experts on the Internet.

It saddens me to see a highly intelligent being like little Kirthana  working so hard to excel with a great (personal) purpose and dreams to end up serving the cabal financial elitists.

There is another way for the bright little Kirthana, she needs to know the truth and shown the big picture so that she could define her life herself, her way, dream and prosper her way.

We are the slaves that we are…but she need not be one.





3 thoughts on “The Slaves That We Are

  1. This is a subject to be shared in a forum discussion, as there is much to say and a brief comment is insufficient.
    What I will share is the creative thought that P2P transactions, services, and collaborative efforts are promising alternatives. And implementing alternative solutions is what we need more of, as we, the People exercise our freedom, rather than only talking about it as a dream.

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  2. “The Slaves That We Are”

    Just to share this…

    Yes indeed.

    Birth Certifactes Strawman & Sold Into Slavery In 1932 –

    “…“The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. They always did. They always will… They will have the same effect here as elsewhere, if we do not, by (the power of) government, keep them in their proper spheres.” – Governor Morris, co-author of the U.S. Constitution in 1787

    The funny thing is that all this debt is completely contrived, manufactured, false. It is a way to keep you in check, and working for the plutocracy, instead of enjoying the sovereignty of your own life and health. You run on a treadmill, ever faster, to pay off this ‘debt’ but it will never disappear as long as the current regime is allowed to continue their deceitful devices. And they are cunning – all the markets are fixed.

    Make no mistake, you won’t be hauled off to a FEMA camp because you are in debt, but they will steal your house through foreclosure, sometimes even if you’ve paid for it in full, make you homeless (more than 15 million people recently lost their homes this way) and then cart you off to jail as more and more laws creep onto the books which make being in poverty a crime, even though the entire system is built to perpetuate your poverty.

    We have all become slaves to the system without even realizing it. Ask yourself the following questions:..”

    You be the judge.

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