The #GST is just the beginning…of a world tax system

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Why Largarde Stayed at the IMF? To Increase its Global Power

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, spoke at the IMF Arab Fiscal Forum: Fiscal Policy and Growth in Abu Dhabi on February 22, 2016. Her message was clear – forget downsizing government or reforming anything, just raise taxes. She opened the conference saying:

This event is taking place at a pivotal moment not only for this region but for many other countries that have seen fiscal issues rise to the top of their policy agendas.

Or, to be more precise, it is taxation that has risen to the agenda in many countries. If you wonder why this issue has become so important, let me assure you that this is nothing new in the history of mankind!

Largarde is calling for international taxation. She has threatened every tax haven with being sanctioned and removed from the Swift System unless they give up everyone. She has done far more damage to the world economy than any previous director. We have anemic economic growth and rising tax enforcement depriving us of our free society and the free movement of people as well as capital. If you owe taxes, government simply revokes your passport precisely as passports began to prove you owed the state nothing and could travel. She concluded her address calling for global tax enforcement and raising of taxes, not reforming government in the least. She said:

“Political economy…proposes two distinct objects: first, to provide a plentiful revenue or subsistence for the people…and secondly, to supply the state or commonwealth with a revenue sufficient for the public services.”

My main message today is this: creating successful 21st-century economies requires robust government revenues and an international tax system that works for everybody. These ingredients are essential for growth, fairness, and development.

They provide the fertile ground for the prosperity of nations. And we at the IMF are ready to play our part for the benefit of our membership.

Focus on what she said: “robust government revenues and an international tax system.” Those who feared a one-world government may be incorrect insofar as politicians will never surrender all power to some central body. But the one-world government Largarde is trying to create is a one-world tax authority. That is why she remained at the IMF. Freedom is but a fleeting dream that vanishes day by day before our eyes.

Just open your eyes before you cannot. EVERY career politician is against Donald Trump. Why? They are afraid he may end their gravy train. It does not matter who they are left or right; career politicians are against Trump. I would not doubt some plot to stop him.



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