Hmm…so you want change?

When you’re sick you want to get well…right?

If you’re Big Pharma dude, you’d see the doctor and take his prescriptions. If you’re not you’d prepare some natural remedies. Either way you’d get well.

Now as part of the collective you see the world is not in a good state and humans are languishing into its own demise.

Aah…the problem is the rotten system. The financial, judicial, education … blah, blah,  and blah!

All that must change for the world to be better.

You get together with like-minded people on weekends and discuss, discuss and discuss. You go on the Social Media and shout your head off.

You tell people about everything you discovered about the govern-ment, politicians, corporations, the dirty banksters….blah, blah and blah!

Come Monday you go to work (for the dirty corporation)

Come end of the month you pay your loans (to the dirty banks)

Come year end you pay your incomer tax and renew all licenses (to the fake dirty govern-ment)

Come every four years you vote to select a better (dirty) politician


Oops…the darn PC hangs!




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