Malaysia – #GST 1st Anniversary Protest


Despite the scorching heat, more than 1,500 people thronged the streets from the Sogo shopping complex to Dataran Merdeka, participating in the anti-Goods and Services Tax (GST) rally.

 The rally, which also demands for the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, witnessed a carnival-like atmosphere, with people mostly in black T-shirts walking along carrying placards showcasing their disagreement against the taxation system and the premier.

Stalls selling anti-GST and ‘Undur Najib’ merchandise lined the streets, with some also taking the opportunity to sell bottled water and snacks. – Malaysiakini

Anti-GST protesters turn up at Dataran Merdeka


JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Rothschild Yanked Into Probe Of Goldman-Backed Malaysian Slush Fund

Can Najib handles Mr Rothschild?




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