Stock Up On Cash??

cashlessI find it very interesting that the Banksters are pushing for a “cashless society” when THEY control that side of the equation 100%.
Yes, they hold most of the cash. They control the outflow of it and they control the dispersion mechanisms…the ATM’s!
At the end of the day, they don’t need your permission to go cashless. All they have to do is go bankrupt and Voila!…We The People are all “cashless.”
The cashless world is coming but it won’t be in the kind of scenario that the Banksters had originally planned.
It will be in a world where the banks are no longer operating.
So stock up on a bit of cash in your hand for the coming transition. Low denomination bills (and coins!) will be best because there will not be much money to “make change.”
I have been working on a very, very special disclosure project to make The Road to Roota Theory much more accessible and understandable to “The Average Joe.”  When (not if) the Road to Roota Theory is proven to be correct it will be the most important Monetary Conspiracy Story since the creation of the Federal Reserve System on Jekyll Island and it is important for EVERYONE to understand the TRUTH about what happened in order to move forward
If all goes well the “Roota Disclosure Project” be released next week – just in time for those seeking answers to the question…
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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