Counting the cost of #1MDB

New Mandala

Still plagued by major financial scandal involving a state wealth fund, is Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak on the ropes? Or will his party, UMNO, be able to ride out the storm like they have so many times in the past?

These are just a few of the key questions in Malaysian politics today and examined by this expert panel.

Featuring John Funston, Ross Tapsell, Miles Kupa (all from the Australian National University), and leading analyst James Chin (University of Tasmania), the panel discusses the increasing polarisation of politics and what it means for Malaysia.

John Funston covers leading party UMNO’s response to the crisis and what it means for PM Najib, while Ross Tapsell examines media coverage and censorship. James Chin turns his attention to the 7 May elections in Sarawak asking whether they offer Najib redemption, and Miles Kupa, a former diplomat, looks at what the unfolding situation means for the Australia-Malaysia relationship.

Listen to the full panel, or individual presentations in the player above and/or below:



One thought on “Counting the cost of #1MDB

  1. Looking forward to the day when communities opposing the NWO’s worldwide monetary system become the effective commons to stop the established system with grassroots boycotts, school walkouts, and job strikes.


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