The #Brexit razzmatazz

The Brexit fraud hollow drama.
Britain is NOT in the EU.
They are still using the English pound sterling (£) … or don’t you notice?
Westminster is still spewing English laws.
And the “CITY” financiers are negotiating?
haah! … They’re the bank$ter$ from the “City of London” (Corporation), which is a Rothschild state and NOT part of the greater Britain!
Come on!

Paris prepares red carpet for British bankers threatened by Brexit

French capital launches campaign to woo City financiers in case Britain votes to leave the EU

“We will be rolling out the red carpet,” said Jean-Louis Missika, a deputy mayor of Paris, at the launch of a campaign on Wednesday to attract financiers to the city in the event of a Brexit.

Such a gesture might seem unusual for a country that tends to have an ambivalent relationship with high finance. President François Hollande declared it his “enemy” in 2012 as he proposed soaking the rich with a 75 per cent tax rate.


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