The Fed’s Interest Rate Decision Makes No Difference

Road to Roota

Bix Weir

The Fed will decided whether or not to raise interest rates today. Oh Boy! Will they or Won’t they?…the whole financial world depends on this decision…and yet nobody knows how the markets will react after the decision.

HA! It makes no difference if they raise the rates a quarter point or a half point or a full point or even 20 points – the markets will be “steered” to where the US Fed and Treasury WANT them to go.

It makes 0% difference.

The answer lies in the QUESTION…”Where does the Fed and Treasury want the markets to go?”

My take, they want to destroy the US Dollar by September so watch for a bit of “Forced Volatility” this week leading into the “Unforced Massive Volatility” surrounding the BREXIT Vote next week (June 23rd).

NOTE: Lookout for another “False Flag Attack” in London around the time of the BREXIT Vote. In my 2016 Economist Analysis from Book 3 the only “arrow” that found a target in the Calendar Artwork was on a political podium with the word “London” on it. We all know what happened in Orlando related to the “Rainbow Flag” featured so prominently on the front cover of the Economist’s “Year in 2016″…


The World in 2016

I will cover the Orlando attack in this week’s Friday Road Trip.

There are rumors that the “Black Lives Matter” group have been instructed by US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch to create “The Summer of Chaos” by disrupting the July Political Conventions. I would add that this would be only ONE of the many chaotic events planned for this summer.

The game continues and the battles are heating up.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


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