…of #1MDB, Najib, DOJ and the Lying Malaysian Cabinet


Prove your worth by staying united as thinking Malaysians


This too late self-admission by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi of his sighting of the transfer documents and his meeting with the representative of PM Najib Abdul Razak’s ‘donor’, as his interpretation of solid evidences of Najib’s innocence, speaks volume of an allegedly untrustworthy and incapable Umno leader, wishing to dutifully show loyalty to Najib and good leadership to Malaysians.

Zahid: I met with RM2.6b donor’s representatives



For his role, like all the other cabinet ministers, they deserve the maximum disrespect and exoneration of Malaysians, and if, they still pride themselves being honourable to their oath of office, they must with due respect, as Malaysians are deeming it necessary and overdue, immediately resign en bloc, providing the only compelling lead for Najib to likewise do so.

That would at least be the greatest services Zahid and the rest would have done for the nation.

It’s impossible like to hope for such a smooth transition, since their survival are at stake, but forgiving and thinking Malaysians have no alternative but to burden themselves much more, to forgive and forget these glaring allegedly treacherous acts of national and possibly worldwide contagious and catastrophic impacts, which our current governing system is suspected of trying to cushion, avert, resolve and eradicate.

Loyal and passionate Malaysians must avoid all untoward provocations and subversions which may arise from unrepentant, innocent and paid supporters and rise relentlessly to resolving this political impasse with wisdom and respect for truth and justice, which must be upheld, utmost and always, at all costs, for any hope of returning our beloved country, Malaysia, to its path of glory.

Repent, rethink, refresh and reform we must commit ourselves too, as our sure hope for our desired and lasting destiny.



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