Oy vey… What’s wrong with you?


Van Helsing

Looking at crosses won’t make your faith weak. If it makes you weak you’re probably a vampire. Better go see Van Helsing. May he stab your heart with his stake and spare everyone else from misery.

Looking at PORK or NO PORK signs won’t make you confuse. Pork burgers will definitely not fly into your mouth. If you want it, just go have it. Just because you can’t have it doesn’t mean others can’t too.

WombatJoey3Looking at wombat photo will definitely make you an idiot. Avoid looking at wombat, idiot. Oh by the way wombats are not pigs.

Looking at woman’s hair shouldn’t give you a boner. Same as looking at cleavages, boobs, curves, sexy legs etc. It’s your wild imaginations that will lead to you having a boner. It’s you that’s wrong, not them. If you can’t look at women innocently like how Zakir Naik suggested that you can’t, then please go see Van Helsing also. Tell him no need to stab, just castrate you with his wooden stake.

Looking at people eating in public will not make you hungry. You’re hungry when you’re hungry. Don’t blame others eating when you can’t fast. You don’t even have to fast, if you don’t want to. It’s between you and God, please don’t bring other people in between.

Looking at price hiking up, Ringgit losing value, corruption here corruption there, poor education system, poor public services, crime going up etc etc should make you angry. And you should be. But you aren’t. You’re angry at the other things up there.

What’s wrong with you?


Mujahidin Zulkifli
Special Assistant to Chairman & Head of Public Engagement at Petra Group



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