Brink of Collapse? Leading German economist says emergency Deutsche Bank takeover needed now

Deutsche Bank Analyst Says a Market Shock Is the Only Way Out.

“Without an external economic shock it is hard to see policymakers being prepared to take dramatic, fiscal action to jumpstart the global economy and bounce it out of a financial repression defined by low and falling real yields to one that at least initially is defined by rising nominal yields through higher inflation expectations.”

“Ironically the shock that is needed would require a collapse in risk assets for policymakers to then really panic and attempt dramatic fiscal stimulus.”Dominic Konstam, global head of interest rates research at Deutsche Bank.


Deutsche B
August 2016GERMANYFor the fourth consecutive Sunday, Germany’s leading financial newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has run an analysis of the perilous and declining state of its largest bank, Deutsche Bank. This Sunday, the FAZ interviewed a very prominent German economist who says, “Nationalize Deutsche Bank on an emergency basis! It is in worse crisis than in 2008” in the global bank panic. That Martin Hellwig of the Max Planck Institute in Bonn would make this call—in a country where nationalizations were never discussed even at the depth of the 2007-09 panic and collapse—indicates that Deutsche Bank is nearing a real implosion unless it is “saved.” And the IMF has already formally found it to be the one giant bank which “radiates more risk” to other banks and banking systems, than any other in the world.
Its implosion will signal a general economic crash, which will exacerbate the…

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