Will the Dollar Crash at the End of September?

September label with glowing golden sparkles.

Once again we’re in the popular month of September…and before you knew it comes October. For the past few years, September has been associated with various incidents, catastrophes, the Shemitah, 911 and what have you. Will anything (interesting) happen this time around this year?


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You seem often to be the guy with the level head when everyone else is losing it. Now we have this doomsday day prediction of the end of the dollar come September 27th to 30th, depending on the guru selling newsletters. They are focused on the IMF simply recalculating the SDR to include the Chinese yuan. You have taught me so much this smells like another con job. I think this is once again going down with the lunatics like Porter Stansberry who predicted the “end of America” if I recall in 2010 and in 2011. There were no riots and food shortages and the dollar is still the reserve currency. I think it would benefit many if you would comment on this.  I realize you would probably prefer to laugh and have a drink of scotch you like so much.




Some pretty interesting forecasts….

Ever since we caught on to the Shemitah timetable that Jonathan Cahn had discovered, we’ve discovered clue after important clue about the potential timetable being followed by the globalists towards creating a New World Order.

Christine Lagarde, with her “magic number 7” numerology speech caught our interest.  Then, William White of the IMF talking about how a debt jubilee was coming which will wipe out most paper assets also got our attention.

And, we discovered that the Jubilee Year, also called the Super Shemitah, ends on October 2nd of this year.

Because of that we’ve been watching those dates carefully.  Probably the most significant event we’ve seen yet is that the Chinese Yuan will be put into the IMF’s SDR currency basket on October 1st.  This, alone, could set off shockwaves in the markets.

Jeff Berwick

It’s begun. The final battles for our Freedom are upon us. If you think this has been a crazy summer so far…YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!
September is the Target for the Good Guys.
October is the target for the Bad Guys.
Doesn’t really matter which side wins as the Monetary System We Live Under will be destroyed in both scenarios.

Look. We are headed into a monetary crisis that will end up resetting the monetary system. There are already proponents in Washington who support ending the dollar as the reserve currency because the Federal Reserve has become the world central bank by default and they have had to surrender domestic policy objectives because of international policy objectives. That means the entire theory of stimulating the economy under Keynesianism has utterly collapsed.

The IMF has been lobbying to have the SDR as the replacement for the dollar so the USA can turn bank to its own agenda. But many are reluctant to hand that power to the IMF, myself included. The IMF is up for sale. It has been highly corrupt and any new reserve basket should be administered by an entirely new agency – not the IMF.

I have been in private meetings behind the curtain around the world arguing for this position. So I know first hand what is going on and who back what and why. The dollar will not collapse because it is not the reserve currency. These people are engaging in pure sophistry. The ONLY way to make that transition is to STOP government borrowing, end the debt, stop the income tax, and do a debt-to-equity swap (see Solution). Socialism is ending. Governments are broke. We either default wiping out all pensions, or we make a transition in an orderly fashion. That’s our choice. I am glad I am not 21 for I get to check out of this world and do not have to live in this chaos that will emerge and that is a totalitarian atmosphere. We fix this, or deal with the consequences.

These stupid sales-jobs that the world will end because the IMF will include the yuan in the SDR is just not even worthy of debate. It is just gibberish.

Martin Armstrong



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